I-Hua Wu is Maybelline’s first Asian global face

I-Hua Wu is Maybelline’s first Asian global face

Taiwanese model I-Hua Wu (pronounced ee-hwa) has been announced as Maybelline’s first Asian global face, joining the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and Christy Turlington on the brand’s diverse beauty roster!

Speaking to nymag.com, the model revealed some facts about herself that we found both interesting and endearing. Here are four of the most intriguing…

1. She never planned on being a model

I-Hua’s mum signed her up for a modelling competition when she was in high school – but the model says “it wasn’t to become a model; it was to meet other tall people like me”. Why? Well, apparently she was bullied at school because she was “too tall, or different somehow”. We bet those bullies are feeling pretty regretful now!

2. She doesn’t think of herself as beautiful

This might seem cliché, but I-Hua’s response to people calling her beautiful just seems so genuine: “My face is so familiar to me that it feels like nothing special. Even now, my boyfriend will say things to me like, ‘Do you know how pretty you are?’ I’m like, you’re so weird.” Even though we hope she starts to believe in her beauty a little more, we also think the model’s don’t-care attitude is pretty refreshing.

3. She’s had difficulty adjusting to the modelling industry

I-Hua grew up in the south of Taiwan, and when she first came to Taipei (Taiwan’s capital city), she had to learn “to endure people’s criticisms” on everything from her “dorky” clothes to her modelling ability. But she was super mature about it, saying “You have to learn how to continue persevering even if someone is saying something you don’t want to hear.” #Inspiration

4. She credits her height to beef soup

The thing I-Hua misses most about home is the street food, particularly a beef soup she grew up drinking every day. The model says the soup could be the reason why her family is so tall: “All the kids in my family are so tall… everyone in my family drinks the beef soup! We think it’s from the calcium in the beef.” *Looks up nearest Taiwanese takeaway*

Are you excited to see I-Hua modelling for Maybelline? Are you interested in hearing about other beauty models’ experiences?

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