I just can’t get enough of…

I just can’t get enough of…

When I find a new product to love, like seriously adore, it means they’ve ticked a box or two in the ‘pretty perfect department’. Don’t get me wrong, many things that find their way through these doors are loved and adored by myself and many of the bh team – there’s no denying that.

But when a new product finds itself some prime real estate on my desk (which isn’t the erm… most organised of desks), I know it must be because this newbie’s got the X-factor, something that I can’t get enough of – and don’t you want to know what kind of products get those kind of serious snaps?

Product #1: YSL Rouge Pur Couture VERNIS A LÉVRES Glossy Stain in No. 17 Encore Rose, $50, 1300 651 991 – this too-cute pink stain is unlike regular lipstains. Instead of being matte and looking kissed-off, it’s fabulously glossy, complete with an easy-to-apply paddle brush applicator. It is a pigmented true hue and really stays put!

Product #2: Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, $49, 02 9663 4277– my mum has been using a Clarins Treatment Oil for years. I’ve pretty much just been waiting until I was old enough. Now, with new packaging, the ability to treat dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone,and promote skin vitality and radiance – there’s never been a better time.

Product #3: VS Sassoon Ceramic Instant Heat Tong– 38mm – you know when you see celebrities rocking seriously bouncy waves that aren’t as tight as ringlets, but not big enough to fall out? Well, I’ve been trying to achieve those for oh, I don’t know – five years now! Luckily, I discovered this little beauty and well, I guess you could say I’m giving Kimmy K a run for her money in the curl stakes now!

What are your three favourite new beauty finds?

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