How to wear makeup with dry skin in winter

How to wear makeup with dry skin in winter

Winter can make the most simple tasks in life seem incredibly difficult. From getting out of bed in the morning to taking a shower, things seem to take so much longer when it’s freezing cold. This includes your skin care and makeup routine. Cold weather can take a toll on your skin, so it’s important to change up your beauty products to help to combat dry skin in winter and stop your makeup from flaking.

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We spoke to M.A.C Senior Artist, Carol Mackie, to find out how we should adjust our makeup routines for winter.

How does our skin change in winter?

According to Carol, in the Winter months our skin becomes much drier and far less hydrated. “Cold dry winters literally suck moisture from the skin and our lips become dehydrated, chapped and peel,” she says.

What kind of formulas should we switch to for the colder weather?

To help to counteract all of the harsh effects that Winter can have on our skin, Carol recommends switching to a richer moisturiser formula and adding an eye cream and lip conditioner to your routine.

How important is skin prep?

“It’s THE most important step to make up – nothing looks good on the face if the skin is dry and flaky,” says Carol. If you try to apply any foundation on top of dry skin, the result will be accentuated fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. But if your skin is prepped and glowing, foundation will easily glide on, look better and look more polished.  

Should we be adding any extra steps to our makeup routine?

Carol recommends massaging a facial oil into the skin after cleansing and then spraying skin with a hydrating facial mist. “It’s the perfect prep prior to makeup and it also works its magic overnight if you apply before going to bed, so you wake up with beautifully hydrated, soft skin,” she says.

Do we need to invest in any new makeup products for winter?

“If you’ve been wearing a matte finish foundation, try switching it up by adding a drop of M.A.C Prep & Prime Essential Oil or M.A.C Strobe Cream and blend together,” says Carol. Winter is also a great time for a new lip look since there are so many colours that look great in winter. Carol suggests trying deeper shades of burnt orange, dark Oxblood Red or a super-rich chocolate brown.

Hot tip: Tap a little lipstick from the lips onto the cheek for a creamy monochromatic stain.

Should we switch to a different shade of blush in winter?

According to Carol, this depends on the lip and eye shade you are wearing as you may want to go more monochromatic. “I do like a slightly deeper shade in winter and a slightly lower placement of blush,” she says. Try sticking with colours that are natural to the skin, like a reddish plum to give a wintery flush to the cheek.

What’s the best remedy for dry lips?

For dry, flaky winter lips, the best method is to exfoliate with a lip scrub and then apply a hydrating lip conditioner and leave it on overnight. If you want to wear lipstick the next day, Carol recommends applying a lip primer first as it will help the product to glide on and keep the lipstick in place!

How should we change up our eye makeup in winter?

“I like a more powdered deeper approach to eye colours in winter – it’s less about the shimmering highlighted eye that gleams in the sun and more about strength that can look cool, sophisticated and moody,” says Carol.

What’s the best way to apply makeup to dry, flaky skin?

Foundation will never look good on skin that’s dry and flaky, so you really need to prepare your skin first. “Take the time to hydrate and moisturise it,” says Carol. Try using creamy blushes and highlighting products, which will add a touch of moisture to the skin.

What colours do you like to incorporate into your makeup routine during the Winter months?

“Plums, browns auburn, burnt orange and tobacco,” says Carol.

What’s your favourite everyday makeup look for winter?

For winter, Carol loves velvet matte skin and a rich bold creamy lipstick. “Wear a rich chocolate brown lipstick as a stain on the lip pressed in with your finger, making a statement against polished skin,” she suggests.

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What do you think of Carol’s Winter makeup tips? What are your favourite makeup products for Winter?

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