We tested out the L’Oreal 2-Step Lips and never looked back

We tested out the L’Oreal 2-Step Lips and never looked back

Until last week I was a dyed-in-the-wool traditional stick lippie + gloss gal. Sure I’ve dallied with tints, bombs, lacquers, crayons and even a few (very drying) long-wear lip products, but I always regarded the comfort and variety of a standard lipstick with gloss overlay as my preferred pucker adornment.

But that was before L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Lip Colour arrived on my doorstep, in no less than 14 to-die-for shades, from barely-there nude right through to supermodel red. After testing this long lasting and hydrating formula for seven days, I’m seriously considering having a farewell party for all my other lip products, and reclaiming some precious storage space.  Here’s why…

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My au naturel lips are pale, unevenly pigmented, freckled and poorly defined after a lifetime of cold sore damage.  Consequently I am forever reapplying my lip products at least every hour – absolutely after eating or drinking, and even post-meeting (does anyone else manage to talk off their lipstick?)

Applying the coloured pigment is a breeze with the generous, soft and cleverly angled wand. It’s best to start with a thin even layer, and let the creamy formula dry for around 30 seconds. I like my lip colour to have lots of depth, so I usually apply another layer over the top, and wait till it sets. This gorgeous shade is Incessant Russet. (Tip: your lips will be super tacky when they’re ready for the next step.)

I’m all set for the glossy topping, and to give my lips a deliciously hydrating moisture boost. Swipe the clear balm from side to side a few times, making sure you cover the colour completely. (Tip: if you see any traces of pigment on the gloss stick, you haven’t waited long enough for the base to dry).

So here is my pout three and a half hours later, after a skim latte and a bowl of oatmeal, yoghurt and berries.  To have this much pigment remaining on my lips after a hearty breakfast is a new experience for me, and one I plan on enjoying daily.

No time for a photo later in the day, but I can assure you that after seven hours, three glasses of water and two cups of tea (no transfer!), there was barely any change to the depth of colour and definition of my lips – they remained super soft thanks to a couple of balm reapplications, with no flaking and zero colour bleed into the numerous lines around my mouth.

The deeper shades seem to have more lasting power than the paler ones, but the absolute certainty that my lips are not fading into oblivion even after eating is a comfort I’ve decided I can’t live without. So what’s my verdict?  Pretty safe to say it’s bye-bye to standard lipstick, hello (and thank you) L’Oreal 2-Step!

Here are some of the other fabulous shades from the range:
Lasting Mauve; Stay Framboise (my personal fave); Permanent Blush
Orange Extreme; Flawless Fuschia; Red Infallible

Which of these stunning shades appeals to you most?  Have you tried L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick?

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