Are you warm or cool?


Terms like ‘warm tone’ or ‘cool tone’ get thrown around a lot in the beauty world, especially when it comes to foundation shopping. Which can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean or how it applies to you.

Knowing if you’re a warm or a cool skin-tone is important to finding make-up shades that suit you, and we figured we’d help you and show you exactly how to tell which you are.

Watch on as beautyheaven’s resident make-up artist Bree takes you through the three questions you need to ask yourself to find out.

Can’t wait the video right now? No problem, just take a look at the steps below (but I highly recommend coming back later to watch the full run-down).


Take a long, hard look in the mirror

If your skin looks a bit on the yellow side, your skin tone is warm. If it looks a bit more red or pink, then you have a cool skin tone. If you’re still not sure, ask yourself the following questions.

What colour are the veins on your wrist?

If your veins look blue under your skin, then your skin tone is cool, but if it looks greener, then your skin tone is warm. If you can see both, then your skin tone is neutral.

What happens to your skin in the sun? 

Think about the last time you spent a few hours in the sun. If you came home burnt, then you have a cool skin tone, but if you found your skin had a golden glow, then your skin tone is warm. Again, if it’s somewhere in between, you’re neutral.

Whar colours look good on you? 

If you find that clothes in pinks and red complement your skin, then you’re warm, and if blues and greens look better, then you’re cool. If you’re lucky enough to look good in everything, then you’re neutral.


Once you’ve figure out if you’re warm, cool or neutral, L’Oréal Paris True Match has made it pretty easy for you to find your foundation. Each shade is labeled with a letter and a number. The letter – a W, C or N – is for your skin tone (so if you’re warm, you’d go straight the range of Ws), and the number is for the depth of colour (so if you’re fair you’d go for a one or two). Pretty clever, right?

Are you warm, cool or neutral? Have you tried any of these tricks to help you figure it out?

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