3 ways to pull off blonde hair with dark eyebrows

3 ways to pull off blonde hair with dark eyebrows

Ever wondered how to pull off blonde hair with dark eyebrows? Gwen Stefani rocks the look. So does Cara Delevingne. Oh, and Rita Ora does too. Obviously. But isn’t teaming dark eyebrows with blonde hair a huge no-no?

Well, it used to be. But, as these striking celebs prove, blonde can look really good with dark eyebrows.

But why should you break this age-old beauty rule? Well, light-coloured hair paired with fair brows can sometimes leave a lady looking a little washed out. By creating a contrast using darker brows, you breathe life into your complexion and create a focal point. It adds a whole lot more oomph to your face, really. Sidenote: this is precisely why it’s suggested you always have brows two shades darker than your hair colour, no matter what shade that may be.

Are you a blonde wanting to rock darker brows? Or maybe you’re a brunette wanting to go blonde but thought it was a no-go zone? Whatever your situation, here are three quick makeup tips for partnering blonde hair with dark brows…

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DARK BROW TIP FOR BLONDES #1: Keep your brows in tip-top shape

If you’re going to sport contrasting brows to your hair colour, your eyebrows must be in good nick. This means growing them out if they’re thin and incorrectly shaped, and filling them in on a daily basis to ensure this focal point is looking its best.

DARK BROW TIP FOR BLONDES #2: Make use of makeup

There’s a reason why Gwen Stefani is always rocking a bold lip. And also why Rita Ora loves black liquid eyeliner. By making the effort to apply makeup on a daily basis, you’ll not only look ‘done’, but you’ll make your features pop, too. This is very important as it will balance out the contrast between your brows and your hair colour, and essentially prevent your eyes and lips from getting lost.

DARK BROW TIP FOR BLONDES #3: Keep your hair root regrowth to a minimum

Yes, regular trips to the hairdresser can be exhausting and expensive, but this look requires commitment. Because your dark brows are a similar hue to that of your regrowth, they will make the new hair growth more obvious than usual. Annoying, but true. Just be sure to apply conditioning treatment on a regular basis if you’re using bleach to keep your sunny strands as healthy as possible.

Do you like the look of dark brows with blonde hair? Do you think it’s no longer a beauty no-no? Is it a look you’d sport?

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