How to master no smudge eyeliner

How to master no smudge eyeliner

When it comes to enhancing eyes, eyeliner giveth and eyeliner taketh away. For every time you’ve nailed the application and made your eyes look like wondrous windows to your soul, there was another time when the eyeliner has smudged underneath and/or to the sides of your eyes, or run down your face when you’ve got the tiniest bit of moisture in your eyes. So what’s a girl to do to prevent these problems? Just follow these 4 easy-peasy steps and you’re good to go!RELATED: 9 of the best waterproof mascarasRELATED: The best long-lasting eyeliners you need to try

#1: Use an eye primer

And that’s whether you plan on wearing eyeshadow or not. If you find your eyeliner always ends up on your eyelids, it could be that the natural oil your eyelids produce is causing the pigment to shift and smudge. Lightly dab some eye primer (bh loves: e.l.f. cosmetics Essentials Eyelid Primer) on your eyelids, and leave it to set before applying liner. 

#2: Avoid creamy concealers

Applying a creamy concealer under the eyes can have the same effect as the oil on your eyelids, and can cause the pigment in your eyeliner (and mascara) to smear under your eyes – hello, dark circles!Try switching to a concealer that’s a little less creamy, or if you simply can’t part with your fave under-eye concealer, set it with powder afterwards. The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit comes with a handy powder to finish the job, otherwise you can use translucent powder, like Nude by Nature Mineral Finishing Veil. 

#3: Set your liner

Find a matte eyeshadow that’s the same (or a similar) colour to your eyeliner. Then, grab an angled eyeliner brush and gently follow the eyeliner line you’ve already created. The powder will help to absorb any excess oil in the eyeliner formula and set the colour in place. If you want to up the ante and give your eyeliner a little shimmer or sparkle, use a similarly coloured eyeshadow with a pearl or glitter finish.

#4: Go waterproof

If you tend to tear up or get involuntary leakage from your eyes, a waterproof liner is your best bet to avoid that panda look. Our tip, though? Make sure you have a good eye make-up remover on hand, because there’s nothing worse than having to rub your eyes for a solid five minutes. Opt for Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, or give micellar water a go.Does your eyeliner often smudge or run? Do you have any tips to help fellow smudge sufferers?Main image: @haileesteinfeldThe product recommendations in this article have been updated to keep beautyheaven members informed of the most up-to-date related products.

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  1. im not a big eyeliner wearer although on a special occassion i do wear it although by the end of the day it tends to smuch therefore setting it with a powder is a really good hack to make your liquid, gel or khol eyeliner long lasting for a whole day.

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