How to make your dewy makeup last all day without touch-ups

How to make your dewy makeup last all day without touch-ups

Move over matte finish, a dewy makeup look is what I’m after. But while that fresh, dewy base looks oh so fresh, it can slide off your face in a matter of minutes. So the question is, how do you make a dewy makeup base last all day?

The truth is, no-one’s asking for help with this issue except for yours truly – and once I discovered that I couldn’t fix my own makeup issue, I took to researching a solution – and thought I’d better share my findings with all of you.

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TRUTH TIME. I am a powder fiend. That is, I have always ‘locked in’ my makeup with a sweep of a finishing powder, followed by the ‘buffing in’ of a matte loose powder that really helps to keep everything in place for longer.

So when I finally took the plunge and decided that a dewy complexion was far more summer-appropriate than a powdery matte finish, I found that I really struggled to keep my radiant makeup from sliding straight off my face at the first sign of humidity.

Ugh. Total bummer, right?

That was until I came up with a simple solution.

To set a matte complexion = finishing powder

To set a dewy complexion = finishing spritz

Duh! Powder with powder, moisture with moisture – it all seems very obvious, doesn’t it?

Or is it genius? If you want to rock a dewy complexion, switch out your finishing powders for a makeup setting spritz. The water element of the spritz keeps your skin all fresh and juicy and dewy, while helping to ensure that the humidity is kept at arm’s length, too.

So what are the best makeup setting sprays to ensure a dewy finish?

Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz

MAC Fix+

NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray

bodyography Ready, Set, Go Makeup Setting Spray

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

… and what is the best way to use a makeup setting spray?

I am so glad you asked. To get the best result, simply hold your spritz around 20-30cm away from your face once your makeup is complete and cross over your face in an X shape, spritzing rapidly as you go.

How do you like to keep your makeup in place? Do you prefer to rock a dewy complexion in summer?

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