How to: find your perfect foundation

How to: find your perfect foundation

About ingredients

• SPF foundationsmean that you really have no excuse to leave the house unprotected.Though you should remember that SPF is not cumulative – layering an SPF10 foundation over an SPF 15 moisturiser won’t add up to SPF 25 (you’llonly have the SPF of the highest single product) –  and, even if youwear your make-up all day, the sun protection will wear off withoutreapplication.

• Modern foundations are clever enough to care for your skin, not just cover it up. Look for ingredients that will help improve your complexion while camouflaging imperfections.

• For problematic skin
Sarah Hughes from The International Dermal Institute advises that oily skins should avoid the following ingredients:

Mineral oil- this forms a film on the surface of the skin that is only removedwith either alcohol or soap. The film stops the skin from workingcorrectly, preventing the secretion of sebum and sweat. The sebum andsweat can then build up under this layer of oil and, in an oily skin,can cause pimple-promoting congestion.

Lanolin- this is an irritating ingredient that, once applied to the skin, canstimulate sebum production (as a reaction to the irritation) in thefollicles/pores.

Artificial colours- these ingredients, particularly FD&C (Food Drink & Cosmetic)colour dyes, have the potential to irritate the skin and, thereby,cause sebum congestion.

Isopropyl myristate- this ingredient is highly active and may also be extremely irritating to the skin.

Shopping tips

• Consider your skin type as well as shade.Colours may appear different on different skin types so make sure youselect a formula designed for your skin (oily, dry, combination) aswell as the shade that’s right for you.

• Face the task with clean, make-up-free skin. You won’t be able to match your true skin colour as easily if you’re already wearing make-up.

• Test colours on your jaw line (the back of your hands and insides of wrists are not similar to your face at all!) and in natural light. If you’re in a department store without windows, go outside with a compact mirror. A perfect match is worth the extra effort.

• If you’ve got time, test the product while you do the rest of your shoppingto see how it wears. Does is disappear, go shiny, slide or changecolour over time? Buy it once you’re confident it can go the distance.

• Don’t expect one foundation to take you through all seasons. Your skin takes on different hues at different times of the year, and so should your face base.

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