How to avoid beauty disasters on your wedding day


When it comes to your big day, you’ve no doubt got enough to worry about without having to deal with last minute disasters. Which is why it really pays to be prepared in the lead-up to your wedding day – especially in the beauty department. Because the last thing you want is to be stressing about a patchy fake tan or fresh pimple on your chin, right?

To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly here are a couple of things you can do in the lead up to help avoid a beauty disaster…


If you’re planning on getting a spray tan a few days before your big day, this is an absolutely-cannot-miss step. See, if you don’t exfoliate away the dead skin cells on your body, the tan will adhere more to those areas, leaving you looking patchy and weird – not exactly a look you want to be immortalised in your wedding day pics.
If you’re not planning on getting a faux glow, it’s still a good idea to give yourself a good scrub from top-to-toe, as this will leave your skin looking more fresh and radiant and feeling super smooth. Try: Manicare Loofah Brush – the handle makes it a breeze to reach every nook and cranny of your body and the loofah will ensure there isn’t an inch of dead skin left on you.


Sometimes praying really hard for no pimples isn’t good enough and the little suckers pop up anyway. To ensure this doesn’t happen, take fate into your own hands and tend to those blackheads and stubborn pimples in the lead-up to your wedding. Just don’t, you know, actually use your hands to do it. Jnstead, use a tool that’s been designed to extract the nasties from your skin without spreading any bacteria. Handy hint: don’t do this the day before your wedding, as your skin might be a bit red and tender. A few new pimples may crop up too, as your skin purges impurities so it’s best to do this about a week before. Try: Manicare Pimple and Blackhead Remover – it makes removing stubborn pimples and blackheads simple and hygienic.


It’s probably safe to say that you know you need to groom and shape your brows before your wedding day, but you may not realise that’s not a great idea to do it the second before you walk down the aisle. (Tweezing can leave your skin a little irritated and red, which may take a while to calm down.) Rather tend to your brows a couple of days before your wedding day, using precision tweezers that are guaranteed to work effectively. This will ensure all desired hairs are removed and give your skin the time it needs to heal. Try: Manicare Ultimate Slant Tweezers – they’ll work wonders to easily remove even the hardiest of hairs and leave your brows looking wonderfully shaped.


To have a few items on hand on your big day – just in case!
Manicare Precision Blending Sponge: for any last minute blending issues you may need to deal with.
Manicare Nail Shapers: to quickly fix any pesky snags in your nails.
Manicare Mini Retractable Lip Brush: to ensure your lipstick looks as flawless as you do throughout your wedding day.

Do you have any pre-wedding day beauty tips? Did you suffer from any wedding day beauty disasters?

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