I have a question…

I have a question…

Got a sending-me-into-a-tizz question that you want answered stat? Then look no further than bh’s Ask us section. The marvellous tool is a direct portal into my inbox so as soon as I read it I get on the hunt for an answer for you, often with the help of some of the industry’s leading experts. Case in point? This quandary below…

Q) “I have no hair on my body and I can’t find a way of keeping eyeliner on. I would like to use false eyelashes but with no ‘real’ eyelashes of my own, they slide off.” – Julie, SA

A) Freelance make-up artist Nicola Burford says this is a fairly common question that she gets asked about all the time. “Having worked with ladies who have little or no hair I have found the best adhesive to attach false eyelashes is DUO adhesive – it’s a surgical adhesive, therefore it’s very safe, strong and really effective. It can be purchased from most professional make-up stores or MAC counters. (If you’re likely to cry at your daughter’s wedding there is DUO Waterproof Adhesive which can be mail-ordered.)”

Getting your eyeliner to stay put is all about choosing the right texture, according to MAC’s senior artist, Nicole. Here, she shares her advice…

You’ll need something that is water-resistant so it stays in place.

If you want a softer, smoky look go for a kohl pencil that sets water-resistant (not all of them do) like MAC Technakohl Liner. Application tip: start by powdering your lid to get rid of any moisture on the skin. Then draw a line on the inner rim of your eyes (top and bottom) and smudge the liner right into your lash line with a soft brush like MAC Pencil Brush #219.

Now, much like you would set foundation with a powder, we do the same with liner to help with long-lasting wear so grab a matching eyeshadow and gently press it over the top of the eyeliner with a small angle brush.ӬӬ

Adding the eyeliner first has created a base for the eyelash application, which will help keep them in place.

An eyelash strip is the easiest to apply – you really want to choose a lash that is made of natural fibres with a clear strip, so it looks natural. (MAC Lash #31 and MAC Lash #32 are perfect). Application tip: apply a thin layer of latex adhesive to the clear strip and let the glue dry for 30 seconds (so that it’s tacky) and then apply to the eyelids following the curve of your eye. You can then make any adjustments with a cotton tip.

When taking the lashes off, gently peel from the outer corner inwards. Store lashes in a cool, dry area, as humidity can damage the shape of the lashes. You can reapply the lashes up to four times depending on how well you look after them, so make sure you peel off the latex glue with care before enjoying them again!

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