How-to: apply cream blush


What can we say about cream blush?
For starters, it is practically foolproof. Even a make-up rookie can use it, it takes seconds to apply (I’ve had longer sneezes) and it’s an instant pick-me-up for a tired looking face. Cream blush is – dare we say it – one of the niftiest little products a girl can keep in her beauty bag. If you don’t own one yet – what are you thinking?! Go, get your hands on some, then come back and read this article!

Finding the best cream blush
There are a range of different cream blushes to cater to a plethora of needs. For totally dewy I’ve-just-been-pinched cheeks, opt for a pink-based cream blush like Max Factor Miracle Touch Cream Blush, which will give your cheeks a natural looking sheen and glow. For a more understated matte look, try Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick in Shy Blush – it comes in a nifty stick so it’s uber easy to use, goes on creamy and sets like a powder. Genius!

Application: step one
While you need to be a make up artist to use some products properly, others are totally fail-safe. Cream blush is one of those products. It’s really hard to get it wrong! Just perk up your face with a big bright smile to find the apples of your cheeks, then swirl your fingers in the cream and dab underneath the cheekbone along the length of your cheeks – starting from the bottom and moving upwards toward the temples. Now get a completely clean finger and use the soft pad of your fingertip to gently blend the cream into your cheeks – it should just melt right on in, leaving behind a subtle glow.

Application: step two
Um…there is no step two! That’s it! Could cream blush be any more easy-breezy? Seriously?

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