How not to apply your make-up

How not to apply your make-up

How not to apply your make-up
Australia’s lip gloss queen and celebrity make-up artist Jemma Gawned reveals her three pet make-up hates and how to avoid making them.

Maybe it was being scrutinised by the nation while on Big Brother that made make-up artist and glamour girl Jemma Gawned so attentive to detail. Who wants to be caught on camera with her mani chipped? So call her a perfectionist, but there are a few commonly made beauty blunders that always catch Jemma’s eye. “Okay, I don’t want to offend anyone here,” she says, “but I have three pet hates.” And here they are…

The faux pas: “The mask. Poorly matched, generally orangey and matte-looking foundation that stops at the jaw line is wrong!”
The fix: “Choose three colours closest to your skin tone, try them on your jaw line – not your wrist! – and, if you can, get into some natural light and choose the shade that is closest to your skin.”

The faux pas: “Unblended eyeshadow. It’s only good for drag queens and showgirls.”
The fix: “Start with just a little colour and build it up using a soft brush. Less is more, and easier to work with. If you’re having trouble getting it to blend, use a lighter colour over a hard edge [to disguise the seam].”

The faux pas: “Lip liner darker than lipstick. Oprah Winfrey’s make-up artist once said that the only women who suit this look are women with very dark skin.” The fix: “Choose either a liner close to your lipstick/gloss colour or a nude shade close to your lip colour… blend it into your lips before you apply your gloss or lippie.”

What’s the biggest beauty crime in your books?

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