How do I fake a fresh face?

How do I fake a fresh face?

Q) How can do my eye make-up to fake a good night’s sleep?

– Kate, NSW

A) What happens when you’ve been up with baby all night? Or you’re, ahem, in the early phases of a rather passionate relationship? Maybe stress is causing you to clock-watch between 2am and 3.30am? Or perhaps you’re putting in long hours at the computer to nail a promotion?

Whatever the reason for the occasional sleepless night, Sydney-based make-up artist Andrea Black says it is possible to revitalise tired eyes in less than two minutes. And look like you’ve slept like a baby for at least eight hours.

“If there’s only one thing you do, curl your eyelashes,” she says. “It instantly makes you look wide awake.”

Having worked for Vogue, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar, not to mention making up The Veronicas, Black Eyed Peas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Black is an expert at quick, convincing make-up using a minimum of products.

Her next eye-brightening tip is a perfect example: “All you need to do is take some concealer across the eyelids – YSL Radiant Touch is fine – and under the eyes. That evens out any redness on the lids and hides the darkness underneath. When you’re tired that’s enough to give you a lift.”

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