Honey, you’re so bronzed

Honey, you’re so bronzed

They say a tan makes everything you wear look better, so can the same be said about a bronzed face and your make-up too? We tested out the theory and found that a bronzed complexion gives a hot pink lipstick or peachy eyelid that little extra ‘lift’ – and that’s definitely reason enough for us to keep glowing!

So when a bronzing range comes along that’s both fabulous, and supremely ethical, we’re pretty much smitten from the get go. Beauties, introducing the Honey Bronze Range fresh from The Body Shop.

The brilliantly bronzed collection features:

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder

Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel for Face

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

Honey Bronze Lip Nectar

For a sun-kissed glow that’s infused with the exceptional moisturisation of Community Fair Trade honey, you can’t go past these products! So buzz off and get yourself some now! (Or stick around, watch my video and learn how to use the new products, then go out and get some!)

How do you achieve a sun-kissed look?

We can’t get enough of the sticky sweet stuff… 

It’s a problem solver of sorts, that’s for sure…

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