Have you experienced these make-up struggles?

Have you experienced these make-up struggles?

Make-up is much like art – if you don’t know your stuff, the end result isn’t going to be too crash hot. Here are the struggles of women who weren’t given the gift of the (make-up) brush. And even if applying make-up is your thing, chances are you’ve experienced a few of these at least once.  

#1 Reapplying your winged eyeliner multiple times

Because the first time your line was far too wonky, the second time your right eye didn’t match your left, and the third time you knocked your arm and mistook your cheekbone for your lash line. Next time use Max Factor Glide & Define Liquid Eyeliner – the thick, pointed tip makes it as easy to use as a pencil.

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#2 Putting on mascara without opening your mouth

Whether you’re good at applying make-up or not, putting on mascara without opening your mouth is downright IMPOSSIBLE!

#3 Looking like this when you fill in your brows:

Instead, apply a small amount of Ardell Brow Defining Powder to the bottom edge of your brows. Brush upwards with short, sharp strokes of the e.l.f cosmetics Eyelash & Brow Wand to set the powder in place and define your natural shape.

#4 Getting lipstick on your face

Or your teeth… or maybe your freshly washed white shirt. The stuff just gets everywhere. It might be time to invest in a long-wear lipstick – we like Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips for a matte finish that lasts for up to 24 hours and Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain™ for lips that stay pigmented and moisturised all day long. 

#5 How much blush is too much blush?

Ah, the question that gets asked time and time again by those who suck at applying make-up. Learn how to apply blush like a pro and you’ll never have to ask it again.

#6 Spending 20 minutes applying false lashes

Because the adhesive glue dries too fast and always in the wrong places. An eyelash applicator should help you in your quest for long, luscious lashes – Glam by Manicare Eyelash Applicator, 1000 Hour Eyelash Applicator and Shu Uemura False Eyelash Applicator are all super easy to use.  

#7 Only knowing one look

You’ve got your easy, go-to look down pat, and are too scared to switch it up for fear of failure. Careful, you may be stuck in a beauty rut

#8 Ending up like this when using eyeshadow

Smoky eye-turned panda – cute, no? The Blinc Shadow Fusion Eye Shadow Palette comes with everything you need (10 neutral shades as well as a shade and blend brush) to create the perfect smoky eye. Now to learn how to apply it like a pro…

#9 Getting completely lost when following a YouTube tutorial

“Step one, check. Step two, check. Step three, yep, almost there… hold on, how is she up to step seven already?”

#10 Having to start all over again

Because your peachy princess look didn’t turn out as good as you were hoping. Time to whip out the QV Face Cleansing Wipes and start again.

#11 Begging your friends to do your make-up

Contouring, strobing, a plum pout, rainbow freckles (say what?) – it can be pretty darn hard to keep up with the latest trends. Lucky you have us to do the hard work for you!

Do you suck at applying make-up? What other struggles do you go through when painting your face?

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