Guyliner: what’s the go?

Guyliner: what’s the go?

Okay, so I realise not every bloke is running out to the nearest Maybelline NY counter to snatch up the latest Onyx Kohl, but surely you’ll agree that men are steadily progressing with beauty products – which is kinda weird.

You can forgive lads like Pete Wentz and Daniel Johns for daring to wear a darkened inner rim  – hey, it’s okay, it’s a rocker thing. However, as more and more men step out sporting foundation, a slick of lippy or a dab of blush, I can’t help but wonder – how far will it go?

It’s more than a little obvious that teen heartthrob Zac Efron is an avid fan of a faux glow (Fake Bake MAN Tri-Kit is perfect, in case you were wondering boys), but that’s okay, we love him anyway.

My ex-boyfriend was a huge fan of deep pore cleansers and although I don’t think I’d ever catch him puckering up with my Australis Gloss, he definitely wasn’t afraid of a little primping and preening. Somehow Zac Efron is easier to love – fake tan and all.

What do you think about men and make-up?

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