Hey, it’s okay to…

Hey, it’s okay to…

I know some of you are fellow fans of UK Glamour. My favourite page of the mag – or at least the page that makes me laugh the loudest – is ‘Hey, it’s OK…,’ a section that’s full of little gems like ‘Hey, it’s okay if the closest you’ll ever get to skinny-dipping is running through a sprinkler fully clothed.’

So as it’s Friday, and I’m in a frivolous mood, I thought we’d give the fun formula a makeover. So we’re saying, hey, it’s okay to…

…steal your friends’ bobby pins. What, it’s not like they haven’t done the same to you. Where else do you think the little rascals get to?

…agree that Kate’s a style icon. But secretly pray that someone gives her a hairbrush one day soon.

…try on glitter eyeliner. Who cares that you don’t have a school disco to go to.

…‘forget’ your toiletries if you’re getting ready at your posh friends’ who swears by La Mer and Estée Lauder. What’s mine is yours is the first rule of friendship, right?

…secretly relish squeezing ingrown hairs. And being slightly disappointed if it’s not as long as you’d hoped.

…kiss the mirror with red lipstick. You vamp, you.

…put on a full face of make-up just to clean the house. Anything that puts off vacuuming is surely a good thing.

…pick spots in public places. Changing room lighting is sooo good, it’s bad.

…nod along to the sales assistant. And then go completely against her direction.

…bring up ‘What’s under Wino’s beehive?’ in the Monday morning meeting. A legitimate use of team problem solving if ever there was one.

Spill ladies and gents, what other guilty indulgences do you want to share?

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