Roll like Gucci…

Roll like Gucci…

She’s the Global Artistic Director for Revlon and counts Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman among her many fans, but what’s it really like to walk in Gucci Westman’s shoes?
Only one woman can tell us that. And we asked her to open up to beautyheaven…

Q)Who’s your beauty style idol?
A)    Kate Moss, Faye Dunnaway, Ursula Andress and Bridget Bardot.

Q)    Are you high or low maintenance?
A)    Low maintenance mostly; high maintenance when it comes to travel – it happens to the best of us over the years.

Q)    What are your favourite beauty products?
A)    My home Sapphire 3 laser machine, all of the Dr. Hauschka range (I’m obsessed with the new serum) and Lucas’s Papaw Ointment is big on my list too!

Q)    Your best beauty secret?
A)    Probably long baths that make you sweat. They’re great for your circulation and metabolism. I also scrub my body every day.

Q)    What was your first beauty purchase?
A)    Isadora baby blue eyeshadow and mascara in Sweden.

Q)    What’s the worst / most common beauty mistake women make?
A)    Badly matched / applied make-up – stopping at neckline; too much powder; penciling in severe eyebrows; bad bronzing.

Q)    What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
A)    Confidence, happiness, kindness.

Q)    What’s your favourite part of working on a shoot?
A)    That we never know what we are in for – it’s always exciting.

Q)    What’s your favourite about working on fashion shows?
A)    The collaboration, adrenaline, anticipation.

Q)    What trends in beauty are coming off the catwalk?
A)    Dressed down glamour, a bit of a Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend – but still chic and refined.

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