How to fake glowing skin with make-up


Every beauty wants to know how to get glowing skin, and perfecting a make-up look that turns a dull complexion into one that’s illuminated and full of life is a skill you’ll hold onto forever.

After all, when is glowing skin ever not in?

This step-by-step will show you just how simple it is (we’re talking early-hours-of-the-morning easy) to achieve radiant-looking skin using make-up.

Step #1 Prep with primer

Apply your primer all over the face, focusing on areas where your make-up tends to fade throughout the day, as well as over any redness, enlarged pores or blemishes. We used: Rimmel London’s #InstaFlawless, which contains light-reflecting particles to bring a subtle glow to the skin.

Step #2 Pick an illuminating foundation

When it comes to combating dullness, the foundation you choose can mean the difference between a flat, lifeless complexion and one that is radiant and fresh.

For the best results, look for one with an illuminating formula that visibly reawakens the skin, like Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Foundation. It contains peptides and vitamin C to help brighten and enhance your glow.

Apply it with your tool of choice, sweeping from the centre of your face outwards. Resist the temptation to be heavy-handed, as a too-thick layer of foundation can look flat. Instead, use a dabbing motion for any areas that require more coverage.

Step #3 Conceal tired eyes

To make eyes appear wider and more awake, gently pat in some concealer underneath the eyes, blending down towards your cheeks. We used: Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer.

Step #4 Get sun-kissed

Apply bronzer to areas where the sun would naturally hit, like your cheekbones, temples and a dusting down the nose. Tired skin can often look washed out or grey, so the warmth of a bronzer will immediately liven it up.

Step #5 Bring on the blush

Flash a smile so the apples of your cheeks are prominent and apply a small amount of blush in a sweeping motion up towards your ear. You can always build on colour, so start soft and only layer if needed.

Step #6 Highlight your features

Add some extra glow with a touch of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and underneath the brows for an instant eyelift. And if you really like a shimmery finish, add a smidge to your Cupid’s bow and the inner corners of your eyes.

We used: Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting & Highlighting Kit for steps 4, 5 and 6.

Step #7 Finishing touches

To complete your look, apply some mascara to the tops of your lashes to open up your eyes and a pinky-nude lipstick for a natural flush. One with a shimmer or gloss finish will add extra radiance for the perfect end to your glowing make-up look.

Would you try this glowing skin make-up look? Have you tried the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation?

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