Glosscar Awards 2013 – The winners revealed!

Glosscar Awards 2013 – The winners revealed!

With so many beauty products released each year, it’s hard to know which ones were the best of the best, the cream of the crop. Which is why we throw it out to you every year to vote for your favourite new beauty releases and share with us why you loved them so much.

So after a few weeks of approving reviews, tallying up the votes, and double-checking everything with a magnifying glass, we’ve got this year’s Glosscar Award winners. And we’re finally ready to reveal them to you…

Oh, but before we do, we just wanted to remind you that we’re giving away 15 packs containing a huuuuuuuuge selection of the winning products. So if you voted, you might want to pay attention to the winning products – they could very well be yours shortly!

Make-up winners >
Skin care winners >
Hair winners >
Hands & Feet >
Body and sun winners >
Fragrance winners >
Dental, Mum & Baby, and Healthy & Wellbeing winners >
Men’s winners >

Did any products you voted for win? What are your ‘Holy Grail’ beauty products?

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