Getting sexy in specs

Getting sexy in specs

I’m shooting for more chic and less geek. I recently got my first-ever pair of glasses and, at the risk of sounding vain, I absolutely love them. Apart from actually being able to see into the middle distance without squinting my way into premature crow’s feet, I’ve always coveted a sleek set of specs a la Jennifer Aniston. So I instantly adored my new ‘thinking-girl’ sexy.

There was just one glitch. When I finally got my four eyes, I had no idea what to do with them. So I asked one of my favourite make-up artists for tips on glamming up with glasses… 

How to avoid the Dame Edna effect

Lessons on lenses: Corrective lenses can create optical illusions, says make-up guru Cassandra Rae Ferguson. “If your lenses magnify your eye, try softer shades of eyeshadow or apply brighter colours lightly to avoid overpowering your other features,” she suggests. “Opt for a light, shimmery shade, then contour with a deeper shade along your socket line for definition without too much punch.”

Lenses making your peepers look petite? “Go for brighter colours, but avoid going too dark as this will ‘hollow’ your eyes,” instructs Ferguson. “To make your eyes look larger, blend shadow upwards and out toward the corner of your eyes, then trace your lower lash line with liner or shadow.”

Features vs. frames: To balance the presence of heavy frames, Ferguson recommends working your lips. “Lip colour with impact, rather than nude, will create more balance,” she explains, “but if you must wear nudes, use gloss to draw attention to your mouth.” As for eyes, “you can still wear a smoky look,” Ferguson confirms, “just go a little softer of the lower lash line.” To brighten shadows cast by funky frames, she suggests blending a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation into dark spots and setting it in place with powder.

Since lighter frames make less of their own statement, their effect on make-up can be minimal, but Ferguson warns that colour still counts. “For example, wearing eyeshadow in the same colour as your frames might diminish your eyes; a colour from the opposite end of the spectrum will help to highlight them,” she describes.

Aha, so that’s how it’s done.

Got any other tips for me?

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