Taking the good with the bad

Taking the good with the bad

It’s always been beautyheaven’s motto that the catwalk should be referenced for inspiration, not literal instruction.

There are many reasons for this rule, the two most important being a) just because a gorgeous freak of nature and her team of visionary hair and make-up professionals can make it work, it does not mean that we can and b) runway beauty is often about theatre and on the street you’d just look like a busker.

Case in point strutted out at London Fashion Week for Gareth Pugh. The lead MAC make-up artist Alex Box called it “S&M beauty” and it was all about making the models look intimidating, fierce and, to be honest, scary.

So what inspiration can we draw from that? Towering leatherbound ponytails that make you look like an emo Juliette with a score to settle? Um, no. But there is at least one pointer to salvage from Gareth Pugh’s freaky fashion look: white liner.

The graphic streak of white across angular, sculpted shadow had a sexy effect on the runway and made the models’ eyes appear gleamingly big and bright. I love that Box kept mascara on the down low, letting the shadow and liner take all the credit for a striking but completely low maintenance look.

To copy catwalk, use a deep neutral shadow like MAC’s Satin Taupe across your lid and socket crease before jutting it out toward your temple. Slightly darkening the inner corner of your eye with something like MAC’s Brown Down will help create the angled look you’re after, then you simply seal the deal with a bold line of MAC Eye Kohl in Fascinating along your upper lid. Easy.

Just leave that medieval torture chamber hair to the catwalk and you’re striking – not scary. When it comes to runway beauty, you can almost always find the good in the bad – it’s just that sometimes you’ve got to look mighty close up. If you dare.

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