Geek chic

Geek chic

It seems that glasses are well and truly on the way in. Geek chic is making a – well, not quite a comeback (I don’t think big reading glasses have ever really been ‘cool’ per se), but whatever way you look at it – they’re definitely donning more than a few faces these days.

So we got the goss from make-up artist Natasha Severino, who has teamed up with Specsavers to share some tips on perfectly complementing your frames and making your eyes pop, with a little help from some sassy make-up tricks.

Severino knows that long-sighted wearers often have glasses that make their eyes appear larger – so it’s crucial not to over-do it with make-up.
She suggests applying a darker shade of shadow on the lids (we love Bourjois Ombre Stretch (eyeshadow) in Flexi Brown), as well as following the golden rule – blend, blend, blend! This is crucial, as any flaws will literally be magnified.

For the short-sighted folk, Severino knows that lenses will make your eyes appear smaller, so bolder make-up looks are encouraged to enhance peepers.
A few tips can help to ensure this. The first is to apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes to help open and accentuate, as well as making sure your shadow is lighter than your eye. This, combined with a dab of shimmer or highlighting powder in the inner corners of the eye will help to ensure that eyes appear bigger and more enhanced. Prestige Cosmetics Highlighting Duo is the answer to your short-sighted prayers.

A few tips for all spec wearers – listen up!
Severino warns never to forget to curl your lashes before applying a lashing of the black stuff – this will stop them sweeping your lenses with each blink. She recommends always ensuring eyebrows are perfectly groomed, as your rims will usually sit just underneath them. Suffer from dark circles? A dabbing of light reflecting concealor is crucial – otherwise the dark shadow cast by your frames will make them appear worse than they actually are.

What’s your secret to accentuating your peepers?

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