Face it

Face it

An exciting new mascara landed on my desk this week – sadly it won’t be out until August so I’ll save all the gory details for then, but let’s just say if you love a wacky wand, stay tuned – and, as I raced to try it, I thought, is it actually ever possible to put mascara on without making The Face?

The Face is the correct terminology for describing people’s side-splittingly funny mascara faces. Well at least it is in my lingo. 

Honestly, if you’re ever having a bad day just pop to the ‘ladies’ and see an unsuspecting Face in action. Too funny. And also varied. Between the girls in the office, there’s a wide array of Faces…

1. The Long Face – pursing your lips akin to having sucked a thousand lemons, this stretches your face in a downward motion but has no proven track record of improving mascara application.

2. The Flutter Flirt – fluttering lashes against the mascara wand. Recommended over ‘The long face’ for complete coverage.

3. The Goggle-eyed Face – open-eyed, open-mouthed. The “Starbucks” of mascara faces, one always pops up somewhere.

I’m a Goggle-eyed Face, what about you? 

Head titled back. Open-mouthed concentration. A steady hand. And apply. Stop, assess and repeat.

What does your mascara mug look like?

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Image credit: makeupbag.net; Julia Datt

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