QUIZ: Guess the celebrity legs

QUIZ: Guess the celebrity legs

Taylor Swift’s legs are insured for $US40 million and Heidi Klum’s are insured for $US2 million. So it’s no surprise that their pins are only ever seen looking completely flawless – no bruises, red dots or spider veins in sight.

And while their secret weapon is probably an entire glam squad, ours is a little more simple: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup.

The cult favourite can is now available in a new lotion format (see exactly how to apply it here) to provide instant, flawless coverage with no mess. It’s like a foundation for your body, as it helps to hide your imperfections and leave your legs perfected and glowing. It’s transfer-resistant so it won’t rub off on clothes, yet once you’re done wearing it, it simply washes off with soap and warm water – too easy!

So now that you know how to get legs that rival the celebs, it’s time for the fun part. Take our quiz below to see how many pairs of legs you can match to the celebrity owner (it’s actually pretty tricky because they’re all so flawless).

Good luck!

How many did you get right? Have you tried Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup?

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