There’s something to be said for loyalty…

There’s something to be said for loyalty…

The beautyheaven office is abuzz with beautorium activity. Couriers are rushing in with boxes of products, bh staffers are eagerly unpacking all sorts of beauty buys from shampoos (thanks Naked) and styling products (shout out to Umberto Giannini) to lip glosses (Jane Iredale Pure Gloss) and lovely little make-up palettes (NP Set), and as for me, well I’m quietly convulsing in the corner – oh, and building shelves to store all these products on.

Long-standing members (and some new ones) will know just how much beautyheaven values its loyalty reward program and we know and appreciate you do too, which is why we’re so thrilled and excited to be bringing you beautorium.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (Where have you been? Under a rock?) beautorium is an integral part of beautyheaven’s member loyalty rewards program. It’s an online store of sorts where our most dedicated members can come and cash in their member loyalty points for beauty products.

A few key things to be aware of:

beautorium will launch on in mid February and can be accessed via a tab on the right hand side of the beautyheaven website (see image, right).

Only members who have reached Beauty Buff or Beauty Guru status can redeem their points. However, everyone can enter beautorium to see the array of products on offer and to get a feeling for how the next beautorium will run.

There is a flat-rate delivery fee of $4.95 charged for postage and this must be paid at the time of redemption via Paypal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you will need to set one up – ideally in advance of beautorium. Don’t know how? Check out our beautorium FAQ section.

Get the lowdown on beautorium here

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