The five types of makeup brushes that every woman should own

The five types of makeup brushes that every woman should own

Knowing what products to have in your makeup bag can be completely overwhelming. From what products to use and how to apply them, it’s not an easy process for a lot of us. Especially when it comes to choosing the best makeup brushes for your beauty routine. So we want to make it simple for you. We’ve rounded up the five types of makeup brushes that you really need, and their uses.

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Complexion sponge

Firstly, let’s start with complexion, I always recommend using a sponge over a brush as you’ll get the most flawless, natural looking finish. A sponge is also great because it allows you to build on your coverage and your makeup will last all day. But make sure you wet your sponge before using it by holding it under running water. OR my favourite trick for when you’re on-the-go is to give your sponge a quick spritz with a makeup finishing spray like this, and you’re ready to go! If you have oily skin you can also use your sponge to lightly press powder onto your T-zone or any areas that get shiny. And it will take away the shine without leaving you looking cakey.

bh loves: Manicare Flawless Complexion Sponge, ModelCo Makeup Blender

Concealer brush

When it comes to brushes for concealer I prefer brushes with synthetic hairs as they’re smooth and soak up far less product so you’ll also waste less product. Look for a concealer brush with a flat head that allows you to press the product onto the skin exactly where you want it and then smooth it out evenly. If you find that the concealer has settled into any fine lines then you can go over it with your sponge, gently pressing onto the skin until the area is crease free.

bh loves: M.A.C 195 Concealer Brush, Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush

Blush brush

Blush is so important for pepping up your complexion, counteracting dull skin and giving you a youthful appearance. With blush, you don’t want any harsh lines, so you want to look for a brush with a soft, rounded head that can disperse the product evenly. Always make sure you tap excess product off the end of the brush before applying the blush to the apples of your cheeks to avoid applying too much product.

bh loves: The Real Techniques Blush Brush, Nutrimetics Professional Blush Brush

Eyeshadow brush

If you’re over fifty you definitely want to wear eyeshadow because otherwise your eyes can get lost, and you can use eye makeup to bring them back. You can really just use your fingers to apply a shadow over the lid but you need a good brush for your crease. So look for a crease brush, especially if you’re over fifty as you’ll want to create a lift effect in the eye area by placing a soft, dark colour in your crease.

bh loves: M.A.C 217S Blending brush, Models Prefer Professional Eye Crease Brush

Angled brush

An angled brush is so versatile! So you can use an angled brush for your lash line, your eyebrows and you can use in the lower outer corner of the eye area for extra definition. As you age your lashes will become sparse so your angled brush is great for pressing a dark shadow onto your lash line to make your lashes appear thicker. It’s also great for applying your brow makeup because it gives a feathered effect and it that won’t look too bold or overpowering – just beautiful, natural brows.

bh loves: Real Techniques Silver Angled Liner Brush, Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush


Are you overwhelmed by all these brushes and just want someone to do all the hard work for you? There are some great brush sets out there, like the ones from Nude By Nature, Ulta3 and Mary Kay, that include some of the brushes I mentioned, are easy to grab and go and come at a great price point!

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Have you tried any of the makeup brushes that we mentioned in this article? Are any of these brush types missing from your beauty routine?

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  1. I had a make up brush some years ago which was retractable, and was compact and in a covered container which I found great for carrying with me. Have been looking for something similar that will fit in the makeup zip up pouch that I carry with daily make up needs. Any clues?

  2. I didn’t own any brushes until December last year… it appears my ecotools brushes have been secretly breeding ‘cause all of a sudden I seem to have brushes galore! LOL!

    I’ve just started using a brush for foundation and I’m still not sure whether I prefer the beauty blender or a brush but I definitely prefer a tiny sponge for concealer.

  3. Hi finally ordered one (or two really for the convenience) BK Beauty 101 liquid foundation brushes. Love love love it. I was following HotnFlashy on youtube for years and she swore but it, I finally took the offer up and bought 2 – 1 for a spare and I can honestly say it makes my liquid foundation go on so smooth and it looks perfect.

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