Finally we have all of Gigi Hadid’s beauty hacks

Finally we have all of Gigi Hadid’s beauty hacks

So when a legitimate makeup artist – more specifically the makeup artist to beauty kween Gigi Hadid – reveals some super-genius hacks we’re all ears.Patrick Ta told Teen Vogue allllllllll his secrets:

1. Mix foundation with face oil

Definitely face oil, not extra virgin olive oil – that’ll just make you greasy and Mum will yell at you. Add a few drops in with you foundation for a ~natural~ look that lasts the distance.“Everyone is all about the no-makeup makeup look, but lightweight foundations don’t last as long, especially on the red carpet,” explains Patrick.

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2. Mix illuminator into your foundation

Leegittt, this will make your entire face have that soft glow allll celebs have.“If I want to add a subtle glow but still make it appear very natural, I’ll mix in MAC Strobe Cream. Like oil, it sheers down foundation to create a natural finish but gives a hint of illumination. I keep it in my kit at all times because it’s so easy to work with,” Patrick says.

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3. Invest in light-reflecting finishing powder

“It doesn’t leave skin looking unnaturally matte or feeling dry like powders usually do. Skin actually looks super dewy. For me, it’s all about maintaining really fresh skin with makeup on,” Patrick says of the product.You can use any translucent finishing powders that are light-reflecting, you don’t have to drain the piggy bank for a super expenny one.

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4. This lip colour should be your go-to

Forget that classic bold red lip Taylor is always harping on about, go for a more orange-red tone.”A lot of people are afraid of having such a bright pop of color on the face, but orange works for everyone’s skin tone, if you find the right hue for you.”

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5. Don’t forget to finish with a spray

“Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is a must-have of mine for finishing an entire look. It literally makes makeup melt onto your skin. A little bit goes a long way — I recommend only spraying once or twice!” he says.Similar effects can be achieved with any good-quality finishing spray.

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BRB online shopping for ALL these products.We’re ready to emerge as a dewy-face ~natural~ luminous butterfly now.Original article published by of these genius tricks will you be trying?

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