I blink, you duck

I blink, you duck

Feel that slight breeze tickling your skin right now? That’s just me swishing my new set of oh-so-flutterable false eyelashes. Okay, so I’m showing off, but long, luscious lashes have that way of making you feel like a devastatingly hot bombshell, don’t they? They’re high wattage weapons!

Which is why I asked make-up maven Victoria Baron for guidance…

Scared of going from glamour to drag queen? Individual lashes create a subtly sexy flick, suggests Baron: “The trick is to apply longer lashes at the outer corners but blend a few smaller ones throughout your natural lash line. Just ensure elongation follows the line from the corner of your nose to the outer eye and up to your brow. It’s important you ‘lift’ the eye, not make it droop with a misplaced lash.”

But a true glamourpuss moment is all about full strip lashes. “I find ones with a clear ‘sticky bit’ most inconspicuous,” she says. “And you can always trim the strip to fit your eye or customise an outer-eye flick.”

Unless you’re using self-adhesives, Baron’s critical lash lesson is on glue. Choose a gentle latex adhesive and always do a test spot first, she warns.

Baron’s tips make application a cinch. Dot some glue onto the back of your hand and glide the edge of your strip or single lash through it. Look down, lift your chin and then use tweezers (fingers are imprecise and obscure your view) to place fakes along your lash base, not your lid. Work from the middle outward with a full set or from the outer eye inward with individuals. Imperfect? “As the glue is drying, manoeuvre your lashes into place,” says Baron. “But keep looking down until it’s dry. Then look side-to-side before up – this stretches the glue so it’s more comfortable.” Add lashings of mascara, some liner and the fake’s fabulously imperceptible.

Too glam for a Monday morning? Never!

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MAC Duo Adhesive, $15
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Eylure Lashfix Adhesive, $9.99

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