The best eyeshadow colours for hazel eyes

The best eyeshadow colours for hazel eyes

Often hazel eyes can be left to the wayside when it comes to beauty tips and tutorials. You could scroll through endless videos on makeup for blue, brown and green eyes, but the poor hazel-eyed beauties have it a little harder – or so we thought. 

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There’s much more to hazel eyes than what, er, meets the eye (sorry). As it turns out, people with hazel eyes have a lot of options when it comes to their eye makeup (we like to think that’s what Kelly Clarkson was singing about in her ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ banger). 

Nicole “Pinky” Thompson, Senior M.A.C Global Artist, and Shev Kelly, Global Makeup Artist at Napoleon Perdis have shared their best tips on eyeshadow and eye makeup for hazel eyes, below. You’ll be wishing your peepers were hazel after reading this!

Types of hazel eyes

Hazel eyes can be a little hazy to define. “Many brushstrokes of blue, green and amber make up hazel eyes,” says Pinky. “You have the ability to play with the intensity of each colour with your surroundings- light, clothing and makeup. They shift colour depending on the light- and the colours that surround them!”

Shev explains that every face has a unique eye colour made up of a mixture of different shades. And in particular, hazel eyes shift from green to brown.

Choosing eye makeup for hazel eyes

Picking your eyeshadow and eye makeup colours all depend on what colours you want to bring out in your hazel eyes. “To choose an eyeshadow that’s best for you, think about what colour you wish to enhance,” explains Shev.

If you want to bring out the greens and blues in hazel eyes…

“To enhance the natural green in hazel eyes try using plums, purples and reds. Apply as an eyeliner or onto the eyelid and blend upwards to really make your eyes stand out. The darker and bolder you go, the more green your eyes will look,” says Shev.

“Purples and burgundy works so well to really grab onto that green tinge,” says Pinky. “Trying a peach, orange or warm ruddy bronzes and browns will make that blue jump out,” explains Pinky.


If you want to bring out the brown in hazel eyes…

“If you prefer a chocolatey brown look to your eyes, opt for brown eyeshadows. Matte or shimmery eyeshadows are great plus they be worn with any lip combo. Try a red lipstick to make the eyes look extra brown,” says Shev.

Pinky suggests wearing charcoal browns and greys to bring out the darker tones in your hazel eyes.

The best daytime eye looks for hazel eyes

“Either give your eyes a wash of colour from the lashes to the crease for a subtle pop at work, or I love to concentrate the colour in a liner either on the top lash line or waterline as this will go with any outfit,” says Pinky.

“For day wear a soft lilac or copper is a great option as it can be subtle yet a little fun. It’s really easy to apply and can be used just as a wash of colour on the eyelid and blended a touch past the crease of the eye,” says Shev.

The best evening eye looks for hazel eyes

“Dark purple shimmers are a great shade for a night on the town. Apply onto the eyelid and team with a sweep of bronzer onto the crease of the eye. For the lips keep the colour nude and glossy,” Shev explains. “For those who love to live on the wild side, a red eyeshadow is a bold shade to really make the green pop. Team with a nude lip so the look doesn’t end up looking a bit OTT.”

“Get out your Metallics! The shine will also bring out bring out the gold flecks that can appear in hazel eyes,” says Pinky. “Don’t forget about lips! The lip colour can make a real difference to the most dominant shade that appears- try orange or peachy lips, violets and purples and of course Classic cherry red.”

What else can you do to accentuate hazel eyes?

“Don’t underestimate brown mascara! Finishing off your eye makeup with a lashing of brown mascara will give you the definition you need while letting the colours of the shadows and your eyes jump out even more,” says Pinky.

“If you are more into lipsticks and want your pout to pop, adding a lilac or grape purple lipstick can really bring out the green in hazel eyes. To complement the look, keep the eyeshadow to a minimum and adding lashings of black mascara. A matte peach blush is great for the cheeks as it works to create a soft flirty blush and keeps all eyes on your pout,” says Shev.

Eye makeup and palettes to pop into your cart

“Definitely Colour Disc All that Shiraz is a must-wear. A rich plum shade with a hint of subtle sparkle making it ideal on its own or even as a Smokey eyeliner. It’s right on trend and looks incredible for a modern fresh look,” says Shev. “For a Bronzey sparkle, Loose Eye Dust Copper Element is ideal. Team with a nude lip and a soft pink blush to get that summer holiday glow all year round.” Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc All that Shiraz ($29) and Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust Copper Element ($35) are available at Napoleon Perdis, Myer, David Jones & Priceline.

Pinky suggests the M.A.C Girls Palette in Mischief Minx, M.A.C Eyeshadow x 15: Warm Neutral ($120, Available at M.A.C) , M.A.C Eyeshadow x 9: Burgundy Times NineM.A.C Dazzleshadow Liquid in Rayon Rays (Warm Brown Shimmer), M.A.C Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Designer Purple and M.A.C Eyeshadow in Rule (Vivid Orange), Coppering (Orange Copper) and Cranberry (Red Plum with Pink Shimmer).

beautyheaven also loves Rimmel Glam’Eyes HD Eyeshadow and Designer Brands Quad Mineral Eye Shadow PaletteModelCo EYESHADOW TRIO and e.l.f. cosmetics Essential Flawless Eyeshadow.

Do you have hazel eyes? What shades of eyeshadow do you wear?

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