9 interesting facts about your brows


We were blown away by these intriguing facts about butts, but believe it or not, your brows are just as mind-boggling.

From their weird and wonderful shape, to their surprising function (you know, besides looking #onfleek), those caterpillars have a rich history and personality that’s gone pretty unappreciated… until now.

Here are nine eyebrow facts you’ve probably never heard before…

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1. Your brows can have cowlicks

Many of us (myself included) have that one wonky brow, and it turns out a cowlick could be to blame. Similar to the ones on our heads, they’re more likely to happen if we have wavy or curly hair – but they can also happen to straight-haired girls. If you ask us, this one’s the definition of a beautiful beauty flaw!

2. Some think they grow faster in summer

Some scientists believe our body hair (including eyebrows) grows faster in summer. Why? Apparently, the increase in temperature enhances blood circulation to our hair follicles. In winter, they take it slower (so don’t go setting any major #browgoals around this time).

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3. Your brows help you see better

Not only do your brows look brill, they also help you see the world around you. How? Well, the jutting shape of your browbone and the brows themselves help keep moisture and sweat out of your eyes, so your vision stays clear. Thanks, brows!

4. Brow gel is a relatively new phenomenon

Brow gel wasn’t always a thing – before the likes of Benefit Speed Brow and Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel, many make-up artists used clear mascara to hold brows in place. This is still a handy beauty hack, with some products such as Designer Brands Clear Mascara and e.l.f. cosmetics Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear mascara specifically formulated to do both jobs.

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5. The Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows

We hear a lot about Mona Lisa’s eyes, but it’s her brows (or lack thereof) that we’re more worried about! A 2007 report suggested the brows are absent because:

a) Leonardo da Vinci revised the painting, removing the brows (umm we’re all for artistic expression but this is just madness). OR

b) The brows were unintentionally removed when the painting was cleaned.

Either way, Mona doesn’t appear too phased by it.

6. Your brows convey all the feels

Whether you’re happy, sad, or just plain mad, your eyebrows work overtime to help convey your feelings (hence the expression, ‘raising eyebrows’). For those who are lucky enough to be able to raise just one (or simply wiggle them in a hilarious manner), the effect is even greater.

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7. Monobrows used to be seen as a sign of intelligence

Plagued by pesky hairs in the centre of your forehead? It may comfort you to know the unibrow used to be considered a sign of intelligence and beauty. In fact, it was held in such high esteem that many notable figures exaggerated the hair. Could the unibrow be the next big thing in beauty? Watch this space…

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8. Strong eyebrows ain’t no passing trend

Our fixation with bold brows may have started with Cara Delevingne, but they’ve since surpassed trend status, becoming a major category in the cosmetics industry (Priceline reported a whopping 56 per cent growth for the category last year). From pencils to gels, powders to pomades, there are hundreds of products out there for styling your caterpillars. The hard part is picking just one technique!

9. Your follicles try to save your brow hairs after you’ve plucked them

You know how the skin around your eyebrows sometimes gets bumpy right after you tweeze or wax? Well, this is because the hair follicle is closing to try to save the hair. If you notice bumps two to three days later, they’re more likely to mean a breakout (which can be caused by applying a brow styling product too soon after hair removal).

Had you heard of these interesting things about brows before? Do you know of any other eyebrow facts?

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