All the eye make-up inspo you’ll ever need

All the eye make-up inspo you’ll ever need

Eyeshadow palettes have got to be the most alluring make-up product ever. They’re just SO pretty.

But do you tend to buy the flashiest-looking one with loads of colours, to then only use one or two?

We’re going to put a stop to all of that today, with a whole bunch of eye make-up looks so inspiring, you won’t know which one to try first. So pick up your palettes and let’s go!

Tip: Use a mixture of silver and greys for a smoky eye that will make your eyes look bigger. Always use the lightest shade to highlight the inner corners. Something with lots of pigment, like Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencil in Ferocious White, will help you to recreate Tay’s fierce look.

Tip: When using a strong colour like Cara’s fiery orange, keep the rest of your make-up quite neutral and your and outfit simple.

Tip: Make glitter eyeshadow sophisticated by layering over a base of pink shadows (bh recommends:Colour by TBN Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic) and focusing your glitz on the inner corners.

Tip: If your shadow colours never stand out as much as you’d like, match them with a coloured mascara. NYX Colour Mascara and L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara have a few fab colours to choose from.

Tip: Use a creamy highlighting shade with a neutral light brown shadow for an eye look that goes perfectly with a coloured lip.

Tip: Green eyes? You HAVE to try this look. Apply a sheer veil of purple shadow across your lids and then add definition by applying a purple liner (like Inika Organic Eyeliner in Purple Minx) across your waterline.

Tip: For a stunning daytime look, use a highlighting shade over your entire lid and then trace along your crease towards your brow with a peach colour. To take it all the way up to Rihanna’s level, add a few MODELROCK Lashes EXTREME Triple Wispy Individuals on the outer corners.

Tip: Not so handy with liquid liner? No worries. Use a mix of charcoal shadows (bh recommends:Colour by TBN Baked Shadow Palette in Smokey) to create your cat eye. Do your eyes before your foundation and keep some Wet Ones handy for cleaning up the edges.

Tip: A simple sweep of deep peach shadow can awaken your entire complexion. Try it the next time you’re feeling a little dull.

Tip: When wearing green eyeshadow, go for more of a turquoise shade than lime.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to layer completely different colours! Use cool and warm tones as a guide when choosing your combinations. Cool shades like purple, pink, blue and green work well together, as do warm shades like gold, bronze, yellow, orange and red.

Tip: Bronze and gold is a magical combo for all eye colours. Keep eyeliner to a minimum to let metallic and glitter finishes really shine.

Tip: To make blue eyeshadow classy, choose a blue that’s bordering on navy and be sure to stop right on the eye crease to avoid looking like you’re on your way to an 80s disco. bh recommends:Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Midnight.

What are your favourite eyeshadow colours? Are you in love with any of the looks above?

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