Lash attack

Lash attack

If there’s one beauty tool capable of striking fear into the hearts of innocent bystanders, it’s eyelash curlers. I’ve seen grown men freak out at the sight of a woman crimping her lashes and always wondered, if they’re so scary, why are the little devices allowed on planes while tweezers are banned.

I’d hate to give away any national security secrets here, but since eyelash curlers seem so scary, could they possibly be used in an attempt to take over a flight? “Do as I say pilot, or I’ll make your eyes look bigger and brighter than ever before!” Seriously though, they can totally freak some people out.

Not me though. I’m hooked. Rarely a day goes by without a quick crimp before I leave the house. Even when I’m not wearing mascara, I still like the look. And every time my boyfriend’s response is exactly the same: “What are those things and why do you want to put them near your eyes? They look like a medieval torture device.”

I thought it was just a some-men-don’t-get-make-up thing until I asked fellow bh-er, and usually extremely willing cosmetics guinea pig, Sarah to test-drive the new heated eyelash curler I’d just received. She has lush, long lashes, so why not?

She accepted the parcel with a weak smile and nodded. Seconds later she handed them back. “I’ve never curled my lashes,” she admitted. “I’ve never wanted to.” The sense of fear was palpable. Yes, she was freaking out about curling her eyelashes. The same girl who adores hot pink lipstick and changes nail polish a couple of times a week wouldn’t touch an eyelash curler.

There goes my theory about it only being men, or at least people who don’t love make-up, that don’t get eyelash curlers. Instead, I’m going to divide the world into two kinds of people: those who curl and those who would rather walk over hot coals.

How do you feel about eyelash curlers? 

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