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Are you after a product that can improve an area of ‘you’ that you don’t like so much? Maybe you want something to deal with your dry hair, or perhaps your teeth aren’t as white and shiny as you always wanted?

Luckily for you, the Expert Trial Team are on the case – and we’ve been testing and trialling, researching and reviewing so that we can bring you the very best in fast and effective products. Discover if the latest line-up hits the mark for you…


bh’s Jessica says…

“After hearing about the Colgate Optic White™ Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen, I was keen to try it out and see if there really were results after two days.

My initial thoughts on the pen were that I liked the design of the toothbrush and how the pen fits right into the base, making it easy and convenient to store. Using the pen after brushing was a little messy at first and took some finessing – I found that if I wiped my teeth to make them drier before applying the paste, it helped the product stick on my teeth. The product had no nasty taste and after two days of use I could see my teeth were less yellow and would estimate they were 1-2 shades whiter – a great result in such a short amount of time!
Also worth noting – I have previously used a dentist at-home whitening kit and had to discontinue use as my teeth were becoming increasingly sensitive, however, I had no such problems with the Colgate Whitening Pen.
I was really pleased with the product and the results it delivered. I will continue to use this product and re-purchase.”


bh’s Annalise says…

“I was so excited to try the L’Oreal True Match foundation in the N4-beige shade! It perfectly matches my skin tone and looks natural and luminous on my skin.
It blends really easily on top of my regular SPF daily face cream during the day and also on top of my make up primer for evenings, giving you that perfect, fresh-faced, even glow you want in a foundation base.
I have combination skin, and find that it keeps my oily t-zone in check and doesn’t dry out any other areas on the face, so you look hydrated and flawless all day long.
I also loved the pump, glass bottle packaging (looks so swish)!”


bh’s Liv says…

“Even though I always use good quality, nourishing hair products, my hair still seems to feel dry and a bit damaged. I don’t colour my hair too often, but I am guilty of being a bit of a slave to my ghd, which is why I needed to take serious action. I read somewhere that if you don’t leave a hair masque on for at least 10 minutes, there’s not much of a point, as it only stays on the surface of the hair. So I covered my hair in this honey-smelling, buttery formula and parked myself on the couch. Even though I find pots a little messy to use in the shower, I forgot all about that once the divinely rich, thick masque hit my locks. It felt so luxurious, like I was doing something really great for my hair. I later read that the masque contains acacia honey and vitamin E – which explains the exquisite feeling. Once I rinsed the product out, my hair felt amazing! I truly cannot recommend this product enough for those with dry, brittle hair.”


bh’s Sam says…

“I’ve always wanted to try a cleansing brush so I was excited to trial the new Mary Kay Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush. Using the device was fairly simple, I just popped the batteries inside the handle, attached a brush and away I went. I used it in conjunction with my usual creamy cleanser and found that I was using less product as it lathered a lot better with the brush than it ever has with my hands- so this was a big plus. I didn’t experience any break outs like some people do when they first start using a cleansing brush, but I’ve always had pretty good skin so it wasn’t really surprising. I’ve been using the brush for about three weeks now and I can honestly say my skin has never felt so soft and smooth. It’s amazing the difference this brush makes. I just want to touch my face all the time! It does add a bit of time to my daily skin care routine but the results are definitely worth it.”

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