The make-up tricks every girl should know

The make-up tricks every girl should know

Don’t you wish you had a make-up artist on hand 24/7? First, you’d look flawless ALL the time, second, they could answer every single make-up question you ever had plus they would give you all the helpful pointers you could ever dream of.

Well, we can’t give you a make-up artist, but we can give you the next best thing – expert make-up tips and tricks.


“For long-lasting make-up, have the right skin care for the season. Sometimes people don’t change their skin care with the season; they have the same one all year round but their skin has different needs according to the season. By having the right amount of moisture your skin needs, it helps the make-up last longer throughout the day. Customise your skin care with the season.” – Michel Coulombe, Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist.

“Applying a corrector (try: Bobbi Brown Corrector) in either a peach or a bisque tone will help eliminate blue, purple or brown tones in the inner corner of your eyes. Then apply a concealer (try: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer) that is slightly lighter than your complexion to brighten your under-eye area” – Alphie Sadsad, Bobbi Brown National Feature artist.

“Unless you have severe pigmentation or skin discolouration I recommend using a concealer on your problem areas only instead of a foundation over your whole face. The concealer will cover any redness, dark circles or problem areas you may have and even out your skin tone, yet will still giving you that natural look.” – Gabby Samra, Skin Factors & AHAVA AUSTRALIA BDM.

“Apply your concealer (try: Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer) with a brush under eyes and to any areas that need a little extra help.” – Liz Kelsh, Max Factor Australia Makeup Artist.

“ When applying concealer over bruises, pimples etc, take note of the colour you’re trying to cover: yellow based concealers conceals red, peach conceals blue and purple/lilac conceals yellow (try: jane iredale Corrective Colours Kit).” – Leslie Graham, jane iredale Nation Educator and Brand Expert.

“When it comes to CC Cream (try: Ultraceuticals Complete Correction Cream Mineral Tint), the trick is to not apply it like a foundation. It is to be applied like a moisturiser using small circular movements.” – Tracey Beeby, Ultraceuticals national training manager.

Not sure where to apply highlighter? “On top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, your chin and the inner tear ducts. Choose a soft gold for a warm skin tone, or a white pearl or pink pearl if your skin is pale.”  – Gucci Westman, Revlon make-up expert.

To contour your cheekbones, take a tissue and line it up from the top of your ear and down to your mouth. Dust your bronzer down from your ear towards your mouth. Remove the tissue and blend the powder so you’re not left with a sharp line where the tissue was.”  – Michel Coulombe, Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist.

“ Smile, ladies! Always smile at yourself in the mirror and apply blush (try: Bourjois Blush in 34 Rose D’Or) using a soft brush to the apples of your cheeks. And don’t forget to blend!” – Renee Rosperich, The Heat Group Marketing Manager and make-up artist.  


“Consider the colour of the liquid or gel liner. For fairer complexions or more mature ladies, I always recommend a soft charcoal or brown shade as it is far more complimentary and softer. But if you are after impact, opt for blackest black. – Nigel Stanislaus, Maybelline NY Makeup Director.

“If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a ‘cat eye’, you’d probably say it’s near impossible to nail, especially when it comes to getting the flick at the right angle. Take a small piece of clear sticky tape and line it up from just under the outer corner of your eye to the very end of your brow. All you have to do now is ‘trace & peel!’” – Max May, make-up artist.

“When lining the inner rim of your eyes, apply some dark eyeshadow under your lash line to soften the effect so it’s not so black and white under your eye.” – Michel Coulombe, Laura Mercier Global Makeup Artist.

“Using bright skin tone colors on the eye lids (such as Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in Sunlight Goldor Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Beige or Champagne) can help to brighten you up and make your eyes look more awake.” – Alphie Sadsad, Bobbi Brown National Feature artist.

“Worried about eyeliner or eyeshadow evaporating under high temperatures? Set your eye makeup with a powder (try: glominerals Perfecting Powder). The powder is translucent so it will not affect the colour or depth of your shadow.” – Kate McCarthey, International make-up artist for glo.

“To out-power glasses, the key is making shadow visible. A light wash of one shade may not be enough. Layer a few bold colours or create a graphic shape and work those lids under the glasses.” – Jenna Menard, Clinique Global Colour Artist.

“It’s always best to apply the lightest shade all over the lid first as a base colour and then apply the darkest shade in the contour of your eye. When using a third colour, blend inbetween the two colours for a beautiful seamless result. Hint: If you’ve got crepey eyelids stay away from shimmers; that will only enhance the lines.” – Leslie Graham, jane iredale Nation Educator and Brand Expert.

“Use either a white eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow and apply lightly to the inner corners of the eye to open them up and make you look fresh.” – Gabby Samra, Skin Factors & AHAVA AUSTRALIA BDM.

“Want a big, doe-eyed look? Fan your corner lashes outward with custom-domed tip mascara wand (like Benefit They’re Real).” – Hannah Terrett, BENEFIT Australia National Education Manager.


“Select a brow pencil a shade lighter than your brows. This will ensure you add depth and fullness. Use soft, feathery strokes along the natural line of your brow. Once you’ve achieved the optimum depth of colour, brush a brow comb through your brows to buff out any obvious lines and to lightly soften the look. Set your brows into shape by spraying a little hairspray onto the pad of your finger and dab it across your brow.” – Nigel Stanislaus, Maybelline NY Makeup Director.

“Brush eyebrows down before applying your eyebrow pencil (try: Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil) and then brush into place afterwards.” – Liz Kelsh, Max Factor Australia Makeup Artist.

“Try using your brow product (try: Benefit Brow Zings) as a spot corrector by using wax and powder over sections of finer hairs only – like the brow tail to enhance an already naturally full brow.” – Hannah Terrett, BENEFIT Australi National Education Manager.


“Test out your new lip colour with no other makeup on to make sure the colour suits you.” – Liz Kelsh, Max Factor Australia Makeup Artist.

“Stains and tints offer deeper color that has strong staying power, which will help your look last longer in the heat.” – Kate McCarthey, International make-up artist for glo.

“If you want to change your make-up from day to night in a flash, my go-to is adding a bright lip.  Think bright pinks, reds, oranges,  – even plum hues look amazing.” – Gabby Samra, Skin Factors & AHAVA AUSTRALIA BDM.

“Hide crooked lines with your favourite concealer and concealer brush. To get a clean edge on your lips lightly sweep the concealer tightly along the edge of the lip line. Check your symmetry closely in the mirror…the mirror never lies!” – Leslie Graham, jane iredale Nation Educator and Brand Expert.

“To heighten the colour of your lips and create a slightly sheer, bitten effect, simply dab your lipstick bullet (try: Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani) against your lips to leave a stain of colour, layering it in light strokes.” – Linda Cantel, Giorgio Armani Beauty International Makeup Artist.

And one to make sure all your good work is well and truly removed before you hit they hay…

“A quick and effective way to remove make-up and other impurities, cleansing oils leave skin feeling cleansed and hydrated. Massage over dry skin then rinse off with water, or use a muslin cloth for a more thorough cleanse (try: The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil).” – Valentina Zuban, The Body Shop Product Manager

Have you heard of any of these tips and tricks before? If you could ask a make-up artist anything, what would it be?

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