Beauty bites

Beauty bites

Some people just have it: they have the bone structure, the make-up application prowess and the confidence to work it. Others, on the other hand, have bones but no structure, are just kind of awkward and need a little guidance when it comes to make-up magic – and that’s where a couple of quick tips up your sleeve from the professionals come in very handy

There are a myriad ways to work what Mother Nature has given you, you just need to know what those ways are…

Green eyed monster

Got green eyes? Don’t spend the rest of your days wishing they were blue. Take a tip from make-up artist Fiona Corrigan-Roberts and add a touch of princess to your peepers. Forget boring black and brown eye pencils, grab gold eyeliner as this works with green to really emphasise the colour. Magic.

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Hair help

Need a speedy solution to greasy hair? According to hairdresser Brad Ngata, the answer is simple. Dust a little talc along your parting and work it into the scalp. This is an effortless, short-term solution to lank locks. Thanks Brad!

Having a drastic hair day or just too time-poor to spend an hour styling your tresses? Whatever the reason, everybody loves a trick that will see you create a fanciful hair do in less than five minutes. Start the stopwatch…

Tip head upside down, give it a shake and run your fingers through it. Flick head back upright and, using fingertips, apply some warmed (using palms of hands) hair wax to the end of your locks. Spritz the mid lengths of the hair with a little shine spray (I use L’Oreal Professionnel Crystal Gloss) and loosely pull the hair back and keep in place with a pretty ribbon or some hair clips. Simple eh?

Base-ic rules

I think it’s fair to say most of us conceal our blemishes first and then apply foundation but make-up artist Cassandra Rae Ferguson says reverse and reapply. She recommends applying concealer over foundation as this way the foundation will do most of the work for you – thus saving you time and product. We like her thinking.

What top tips (or beauty bites, as we like to call them) have rocked your world?

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