Everything you need to know about colour-changing lipstick

Everything you need to know about colour-changing lipstick

Just as mood rings did in the 90s, lipstick that changes colour with your pH levels is the latest craze that allows you to reveal something personal about yourself, without saying a word. While it won’t reveal if you’re happy, sad or really annoyed because you missed your train this morning, colour-changing lipstick morphs into a unique shade on each different persons lips. So even if you and your friend both buy the same colour-changing lipstick, it will look completely different on both of you. Fun!

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But how does colour-changing lipstick work? Truth is, it’s based on science and I am by no means an expert in that field. So I spoke to head of product design and development at PONi Cosmetics, Evette Hess, to find out everything you need to know about colour-changing lipstick.

What is colour-changing lipstick?

“Colour changing lipstick (or lip balm like PONi Lip Magic) goes on clear and gradually changes shade based on your pH of your skin as well as the true tone of your lips,” explains Evette. This makes it a fantastic choice if you’re struggling to pick a shade of lipstick to wear, as it will naturally enhance your own lip colour. “It is also very different to normal lipstick because it looks different on everyone who wears it,” says Evette.

How does it work?

While it applies clear, once the product interacts with your individual pH levels and temperature, it changes to the perfect shade of lip colour for your lips. “Generally, lighter natural lips go on more light pink, and darker natural lip shades go a deeper reddish pink,” explains Evette. Most formulas leave a light stain on your lips too, so it’s a great choice for your everyday lip colour as once the colour has worn off, your lips will be left with a slight tint.

Hot tip: If you want brighter shade, Evette likes to intensify the shade with multiple applications.

How long has colour-changing lipstick been around?

Colour-changing lipsticks might be trending now, but they first came onto the beauty scene in the 70s. “They have been around for decades! I remember as a young girl having a green or black one and never forgot how much I loved it,” says Evette. The formulas of today are far more advanced and aren’t as drying on the lips.

Does the lipstick adjust to everyone’s pH levels, or does it only work on some people?

“I haven’t met a person it hasn’t changed for,” says Evette.

Is it universally flattering?

It sure is! “The fact that it changes based on the base that it’s applied onto and you can still see some of the natural lip underneath means it looks really pretty and natural vs applying a regular lipstick and not getting the colour right,” explains Evette.

Are colour-changing lipsticks more nourishing than other lipstick formulas, why is that?

Although many formulas do feel more nourishing, according to Evette, not all colour-changing lipsticks are created equally. “Lip Magic took us quite a bit of effort to formulate because the texture needed to be balmy like what you would normally find in a pot, but I knew I wanted it in a lipstick form so that ladies could apply it without putting their fingers and nails in a pot,” she says.

How much do the shades vary based individual pH levels?

“I don’t believe there is a limit to the different shades you can achieve. If you have 50 girls in the office, they can all use it and it will look different on every single one.” says Evette.

Why do you think it’s worth trying a colour-changing lipstick?

Aside from the fun of watching a lipstick magically morph to your own perfect lip colour, there are plenty of reasons why this trend is worth jumping on! “It’s completely foolproof, it’s the perfect pick me up when you feel like you need to add a bit of colour to your face, and you also can’t go wrong with shade choice, you just can’t, says Evette.

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Have you tried colour-changing lipstick? What are your thoughts about lipstick that changes colour based on your pH levels?

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