Alarmed, yet alluring

Alarmed, yet alluring

So freaked out at 4am is officially not my best look. That much was confirmed on Sunday morning, when the fire alarm in my apartment block sent me hurtling out of bed and onto the street with a wild look in my eye and a bird’s nest on my head. Thankfully (and annoyingly), it turned out to be a false alarm, but as I stood shivering under the streetlights, contemplating the horror life with just bed hair and a bath robe, I decided I’d better get prepared for real disaster.

What I need is a pre-packed emergency go-bag, I thought. You know, just the absolute necessities …

I thought I’d been pretty practical, but reciting my list of emergency exit essentials to a few girlfriends over brekkie started a debate. “You’d really go for lipstick over bronzer?” said one, almost choking on her toast. “You’ve clearly not considered the fireman factor.” Another couldn’t believe I’d save my SPF30 before foundation (even though I reasoned that being left homeless would make for serious sun exposure risks) and nobody seemed to get why I’d rather fry than leave my precious perfumes to the flames. “Are your toes painted at the time of escape?” somebody needed to know. “I’d pack at least one polish. I couldn’t face my place burning down and having naked toes.” I guess every girl’s got her own obsessions.

But, in the end, there were four go-bag must-haves we all agreed on, without question: anti-bag eye cream (a no-brainer), rosy lip balm (better than gloss because it doubles as a blush), illuminiser (nothing saps your glow quite like being burnt out) and your hairstyling product of choice. Bed head is really only sexy when you’re faking it.

What absolute essentials would be in your beauty go-bag? 

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