Drew Barrymore’s ‘corrective makeup’ trick for balancing uneven eyes


Regular old puffy eyes are nothing new to any of us with jobs, families or pulses, but when it comes to those, we’ve long had several strategies up our sleeves (cold compresses, concealer, creams, etc.) to help with swelling.

What happens, though, when one eye is puffy and one is not? Because while we know eyebrows are sisters not twins, it can be a tad tricky to deal when one eye is perfectly okay and the other is looking like it’s swollen second cousin twice removed.

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Luckily, Drew Barrymore (our go-to for all things hilarity and beauty) has a trick to help with just that. In what she calls her “corrective eye makeup” trick, Barrymore uses a transformative technique to leave the eyes looking more even.

Image credit: @drewbarrymore

“As you can see, one eye is lower than the other,” she said in the video shared to her Instagram. “This eye is more open, and this one is more closed. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to put this [liner] on the upper waterline, and it’s going to open my eye to match this one.”

It’s then that she gets to work, crayon liner in hand. “Not even in the lash line; only the upper waterline,” she noted, wielding the liner back and forth across the area.

Drew’s formula of choice? The Forever Wear Longwear Eyeliner from her brand Flower Beauty (which is just $8 at Chemist Warehouse, FYI). The trick should work a treat with any similar product, though – just make sure you’re working with a creamy crayon or kohl option to keep things natural, easy and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with either the Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner or the Clarins Crayon Kohl Long-Lasting Eye Pencil.

“Pretty amazing, right?” Right. But hey, if you do go a little wrong, don’t fret. “If any comes down on your lower waterline, you just clean it up [with a cotton tip],” Drew shared. Her final step? Adding a coat of mascara will offer a lifting effect on both eyes, but if you’re worried about making things uneven again, just apply more generously on your lower or puffier eye for a little extra lift.

Drew was as impressed with her handiwork as we were: “I’m done now and I feel like my eyes look much more even than they did before,” she said, showcasing the finished product (with her lashes looking lush, may we say).

Consider this trick bh-approved, Drew – we never doubted you for a second.

Do you have any eye-balancing tips of your own?

Main image credit: @drewbarrymore

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  1. I feel like this relates to me because I have something called Duane’s Syndrome where I was born with one of the nerves in my left eye where it’s paralysed which makes my left eye appear slightly smaller than my right which is more noticeable when I first wake up. My trick is to wash my face with ice cold water and them apply an ice pack over my eye for a few minutes to wake it up or sometimes I’ll use my Kora Rose Quartz heart facial sculpter which I keep in my beauty fridge which does the same thing. 🙂

  2. Lots of people seem to be concerned about having puffy eyes, under-eyes darkness etc, but I rarely notice that sort of thing when I look at someone.

    I’ve reported the spam by Amelia43 and Oliviahannah.

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