A makeup artist reveals how to disguise forehead wrinkles

A makeup artist reveals how to disguise forehead wrinkles

Anyone with an animated expression knows the struggle of those pesky forehead wrinkles that moved in for permanent residence after a mere few eyebrow raises. Forehead wrinkles can form as early as our 20s or 30s, and an expressive face paired with sun damage and a gradual breakdown in collagen can make them appear even more prominent. 

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As an effective preventative measure we definitely need to be disciplined with our SPF, however, if we want to disguise our existing creases without turning to Botox, Sarah Lucero, global executive director of creative artistry for Stila Cosmetics shares an instant, needle-free technique to airbrush with nothing but makeup. 

Talking to Good Housekeeping Sarah says you must “avoid foundation that’s too thick or luminous, which can enhance forehead lines.” As for the application; “dab a clean, damp makeup sponge over your base to make the pigment melt into your skin for a blurred effect and to ensure that no excess product is sitting on top, emphasising texture,”she instructs. To further fill in those lines, Sarah recommends taking a clear mattifying primer and pressing over the wrinkled area with your fingertips. 

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It’s important to play up our best features instead of just concealing those we aren’t as happy with too, so if you’d like to distract as well as disguise, Sarah suggests “a warm coral or peach cream blush blended on the apples of your cheeks and over cheekbones [to perk] up skin so your features look balanced. She also recommends a shimmery eyeshadow to “draw attention to the eyes rather than your forehead”. 

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Do you have forehead wrinkles? Will you try this technique?

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