Discover the best makeup shades for you with the Plum Perfect app

Discover the best makeup shades for you with the Plum Perfect app

Are you a summer or a winter? Is your skin tone more on the warm or cool side of the spectrum? Maybe it’s neutral with a warm undertone? What about your eyes – are they warm or cool? Do you know which shades will be most flattering on you?

If you just read those and basically thought: “Um, I don’t know, Carli. Those aren’t only very tough questions for a Monday, but they’re very hard life questions. How the hell am I meant to even know that kind of thing?!”, then you are going to be very pleased with the latest development in the world of apps.

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Some super-intelligent genii came out with an app that not only reads your colouring but it also recommends the shades you should be wearing across foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipstick. THE EXACT SHADES. And it’s mind-blowingly brilliant.

Here’s how the Plum Perfect app works, with some handy-dandy pictures to show you how cool it is.

First, you have to upload a picture of yourself. They give you some tips on how to take it to make sure they get your colouring right. Be warned, you might need to do this a few times to get 100 per cent accuracy.

Then, after a few seconds of analysing, you’re presented with your colour diagnosis. Here’s mine:

(Sidenote: if you feel like the app reads you as a warm skin tone but you know you’re cool and the lighting may just be weird, you can make any adjustments you want.)

Once you agree that the app has your colouring right, they present you with a gazillion products you can wear in all kinds of shades that’ll suit you.

And then (as if it could get cooler), you can click on the tab at the bottom that says ‘my looks’ and it’ll present you with products to create different, flattering looks – all while providing you with some tips on why the shades will work for you. If you’re happy to pay for an upgrade (the basic app is free), then you can see what the app has to suggest for an office or glam look.

If you’re still sitting here reading this and not in your app store furiously searching for the Plum Perfect app, then I actually don’t know what else to tell you to get you there. Just go, do it. You won’t regret it.

Just so you know: the app was created in the States, so there may be a few brands and shades that you may not find here in Australia. Here’s hoping they release an Aussie-fied one soon!

Update: sadly it looks like this is an iPhone-only app, too.

Do you use any beauty apps? Have you tried the Plum Perfect app?

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