This $3.99 Dior Blush Dupe Just Beat The Original In A Blind Vote


Beauty YouTuber Kait Gardner (also known as @Stateofkait) tested out a full-price Dior blush against its affordable counterpart from essence — and the results will excite your wallet. 

The exact products in question? The Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush which retails for $64 at Sephora and essence’s Mosaic Blush in Berry Connection, which will set you back an unbelievably affordable $3.99.

As well as doing her own swatch comparison, Kait conducted a blind test via Instagram. Posting an image of herself wearing one blush product on each cheek, Kait asked her followers to select which side they thought was Dior and which was essence. 

Most votes came from those who stated they couldn’t tell the difference between the two, while an additional poll showed that 57 per cent of respondents believed the budget blush was Dior. 

Kait gushed over Dior’s deluxe version, explaining how it had made her friend look “youthful, glowy, healthy, hydrated, [and] expensive,” which is what led to her wanting to purchase. However, it proved increasingly difficult to get her hands on the notoriously sold out product. 

After being alerted to the essence dupe, Kait eventually bought both the essence and Dior version, now sparing no detail when it comes to comparing the two. 

Two shades of blush were released by both brands, one pink and one coral, the former of which Kate put to the test. Upon first impression, Kate described Dior’s blush as being a “light cool-toned pink” with shimmer particles that make the skin look moisturised. 

The version from essence, however, was “slightly different in colour, darker and a little more berry than pink.” 

Echoing the blind test results, Kait said she “wasn’t expecting them to be this similar”, but she did decide on a favourite.  

And the winner? essence’s $ 3.99 version. “I chose the essence blush, I’m completely shocked. I’m not a drugstore girl and I like luxury makeup. But looking at myself I just prefer the essence blush has a touch more of a cool-toned berry flush.”

To watch her complete video comparing the two products, check it out here.

Main image credit: @stateofkait

Have you tried either of these blushes? Do you know any other good dupes?

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  1. It’s all about the packaging and marketing. The Dior looks beautiful, but works the same as essence. Having said that essence is expectional for a budget brand. I bet the Dior smells beautiful too. For a MUA it is performance that matters. Personally to me the beauty and fragrance of the package is important too.

  2. They both look good but I really wish I could find an exact dupe for the Dior. I want that cool pink colour because it is perfect for my skin. I have a lot of other pink blushes that look very much like the Essence one when applied, at least from the pictures. They are all so much warmer than I want.

  3. Wow 😲 The essence’s Mosaic Blush in Berry Connection Blush looks really beautiful, I like the Dior Blush as well it is just a little bit lighter, it is so surprising that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lovely look. 🙂

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