Why depotting eyeshadow is the ultimate makeup hack


Have you heard of depotting eyeshadow? It used to be a makeup hack privy to makeup artists only, but the beauty practice has gone mainstream – and for good reason! Depotting will save you time, space and money.

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Here’s everything you need to know about depotting.

What is depotting?

Depotting is essentially just customising the perfect palette for you, using only the makeup shades that you actually use. You remove a makeup product from its original palette and place it into an empty palette, where you can keep adding makeup products until you have all your favourite products in one place. You can do this with eyeshadows, blush and even lipsticks.

Why is depotting so popular?

Instead of having to use two or three different palettes to apply your makeup, you can move all your go-to’s into one palette to save space and time when you’re getting ready. This also saves you money as you’ll only have to purchase refills of the shades that you used, instead of replacing an entire palette.

Ok, I’m convinced – how do I get started?

First, you need to purchase an empty makeup palette or a Z-Palette ($24, beautybay.com). Then you can start the process of removing your makeup products out of their old palettes and into the empty one. You’ll need heat to loosen up the glue that’s holding the old palette together. The best method is to use a flatiron against the bottom of the palette or to blast it with a blow dryer. Then, use a knife or tweezers to remove the makeup from the palette. And finally, combine all your favourite shades into one perfect palette.

Have you ever tried any depotting? Would you try depotting for yourself?

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