Are you committing these crimes against foundation?

Are you committing these crimes against foundation?

A while ago you all listened patiently as I went on a rant in the ‘Crimes Against Lipstick’ video. It really made me feel better and was satisfying… until now.

Yes, now I’ve found another make-up product that needs justice: Foundation.

It’s a product every girl has in her beauty bag and when used right can transform dull, uneven and imperfect skin into a flawless masterpiece. BUT, when used wrong, the results can be less than flattering. See what I mean in this crimes against foundation video above, or take tact from the tips found below.

Tip #1 Your skin changes colour year-round, so you should always test the shade of your foundation before purchasing. It’s normal for it to be slightly different in winter than summer.

Tip #2 When blending your foundation, make sure to go all the way down your neck and onto your chest (or as far as your skin is showing) to avoid any obvious lines.

Tip #3 Less is more! Start with a minimal amount of foundation and build it up until you reach your desired level of coverage. A cakey finish is not ideal.

Tip #4 If you apply your foundation hurriedly in the morning, don’t forget to do a quick check to make sure there’s no residue on your lips. It can cover their natural flush and make you look sick.

What are your best tips for flawless foundation? What’s the biggest make-up crime you can think of?

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