How to create glowing skin and a sculpted face for party season


We’re well into party season now, and if you’re still wearing the same makeup look you always do, this is the time to mix it up. This party makeup look is all about glowing skin, a sculpted face and fluffy lashes. A flawless, sculpted face and glowing skin always starts with good tools, so we’ll be using Glam by Manicare’s high-quality, premium lashes and makeup brushes. Not only are their false lashes and brushes cruelty-free, they won’t break the bank either!

Get the glow

Clear, glowing skin is where your party season makeup look begins! Start by mixing your face primer with a few drops of rosehip oil, then apply to your face with your fingertips. The rosehip oil nourishes your skin and gives it a plump appearance. Next, add a few drops of liquid illuminator to your foundation and apply to your face using the Glam by Manicare Buffing Foundation Brush. If you have oily or combination skin, lightly dust translucent powder over your foundation with the Glam by Manicare All Over Powder Brush to set your base. To finish the look, use the Glam by Manicare Precision Highlight/Contour Brush to sweep a powder highlighter across the top of your cheeks.

Sculpt those cheekbones

To get seriously sculpted cheekbones, you need two contour products: a cream and a powder. This might sound excessive, but trust me, once you see the result in the party snaps, you’ll be hooked. Using the Glam by Manicare Kabuki Cream Contour Brush, apply a cream contour shade directly underneath your cheekbones. Keep blending the product until all harsh lines have disappeared. Next, using the Glam by Manicare Highlight/Contour Fan Brush, apply a powder contour shade over the top of the cream contour. Now, stand back and admire your brand-new bone structure!

The finishing touch

Once your base is complete, it’s time to focus on your eye makeup. Keep it simple by using your powder contour shade on your eyelids as eyeshadow. Use a dome-shaped blending brush like the Glam by Manicare Blending Crease Brush to blend the contour shade across both eyelids. No party look is complete without a pair of false eyelashes. But gone are the days where women want an over-the-top, bold lash look. Today, a wispy, natural-looking lash is far more flattering and perfect for a pretty, party look. Glam by Manicare is the number-one eyelash brand in Australian pharmacies, and has just released the new Mink Effect Lashes, which will make your eyes stand out, without looking like you’re wearing falsies.

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What’s your go-to party makeup look? Will you be trying any of the products we mentioned?

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