6 Cream Blush Hacks For Naturally Flushed Cheeks

6 Cream Blush Hacks For Naturally Flushed Cheeks

Nine times out of 10, cream blush will leave you with a fresh, hydrated and lit-from-within flush. However, get the placement wrong or pick up a shade that’s not suitable for your skin tone and your attempt at a rosy, sun-kissed look might end up looking like stage makeup.

After all, before cream blush experienced its resurgence (thank you TikTok), it did momentarily fall off the ‘trendy’ bandwagon since it was primarily associated with overly pigmented, a little too heavy-handed, grandmother-esque makeup. But a few clever placement tips and application tweaks later, using a cream blush can inject a pop of youth and warmth into any look. The secret? You just need to know what you’re doing; which is where we come in.

Keep reading as we reveal five clever and simple hacks for mastering your blush application…

1. Don’t discount your lips and lids

Do not overlook the opportunity to swipe the excess cream blush on your fingers across your lips and your lids, regardless of whether your cream blush claims to be a multitasker. The result? One of the simplest methods to create a uniform blend of soft pinks and peachy nudes across your entire look. 

We love Clinique’s Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm ($47, Clinique)

2. Start slow and build

It’s easy to get trigger happy with that cream stick, however, before you go colouring in your cheeks, we recommend exercising a little restraint. When it comes to applying your cream blush, your fingers are your best friend. To guarantee a natural, flushed look, utilise the warm pad of your fingertips to tap in the product, building where required. 

3. Consider undertones

Shade swatch a blush as you would a concealer or eyeshadow. Pale skin will do well with soft pinks or peachy-hues like the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in the shade ‘Fresh Melon’ ($55, The Iconic), whereas darker skin tones will benefit from brighter shades due to the higher pigment content. If this sounds more like you, we love Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in the shade ‘Lucky’ ($34, Sephora). If your skin has cool undertones, we recommend a blue-toned blush, while warmer undertones are best suited to anything with an orange or red base. 

4. Don’t skip your bronzer

Though we love to find out whether someone is blush or a bronzer girl, the truth is, you can easily do both. In fact, we encourage it. With the right application techniques, layering a cream bronzer and blush will leave your skin looking luminous. The key? Keep your blush to the centre of your cheekbones (never below your nostrils) and lightly apply your bronzer to the outer perimeters of your face. 

5. Play with mixing shades

Mixing different blush shades will allow you to mimic a glow that only comes from spending a summer on the Amalfi Coast. Start with a natural, peach-hued shade then add a deeper pink along the upper apples of your cheeks (just underneath your eyes), finishing with a light swipe across your nose. Belissimo!

6. Work it in

When applying your blush, make sure to give it a little TLC. Cream products function best when they’ve been properly worked into the skin. If your skin is prone to getting oily, this will help to prevent the product from slipping and sliding.

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Have you tried any of these cream blush hacks? Do you have any of your own?

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  1. Never used blush. Then got this pot of goodness that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks in my all time fave face colour: cool purple . Ere Perez pot, have used it as a monochromatic look. Love!

  2. I definitely agree that blending cream blush with fingertips is best and I’ve recently learnt less is more (you can always build up but it’s harder to remove what you’ve already applied).

  3. Love cream blush! I find it easier to build up & also to apply, just by using my fingers. I’ve been using a couple of samples for ages & I mix them both together to get a decent shade (one’s too nude for me, the other too bright pink). I am on the hunt for more shades though so I don’t have to keep mixing.

  4. Starting slow and building is a great idea, as is mixing with other shades. I’ve found using your finger tips is best too.
    I’ve also recently used my cream blush sparingly, as it’s highly pigmented, on my lips, which gives them a soft natural shade of pink and as mine is more a matt blush, thought I’d mix it with a luminiser primer to make my cheeks look dewy and radiant.

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