5 crazy lipstick colours put to the test

5 crazy lipstick colours put to the test

One of the best things about beauty is putting new techniques and products to the test. Whether it be trying out a new smoky eye, mixing two products together to form a hybrid, or testing out a new shade of lipstick – it’s often experimentation that leads to a great discovery.

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So when it came to trying out some unusual lipstick shades, it should’ve been a piece of cake for the bh team right?


Turns out we’re pretty classic when it comes to our favourite lip colours…

“I love either a nude or an orangey red – but I tend to stick with the nude unless it’s a special occasion!” – Beth

“If I had to choose I’d say reds and plums.” – Anna

“I love a nude lip.” – Astrid

“I prefer a pinky-nude lip and on special occasions, I’ll bust out a red lip.” – Rosie

“It’s a draw between nude and a merlot red.” – Sam

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So when it came to assigning each of us a crazy lip colour to wear, it was drawn out of a hat with NO SWAPSIES. And this was the verdict:

Beth – BLUE 

(Inglot Lipstick in #291, $29, www.inglotaustralia.com)

“I was pretty intimidated by my ‘crazy’ blue lippy! It couldn’t be more out of my colour comfort zone. I loved the colour itself, but I was nervous about how it’d translate onto my lips.”

Anna – BROWN

(L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in 703 Oud Obsession)

“I thought it was MUCH darker than any brown lippy I’ve ever tried and I wasn’t confident that I could pull it off.”

Astrid – GREY

(M.A.C Cosmetics Lipstick in Halsey)

“On the bullet it’s really grey, so my initial thought was that I was going to look like a zombie from The Walking Dead.”

Rosie – GREEN

(NYX Cosmetics Wicked Lipstick in Risque)

“Being such a vibrant, sparkly green shade, it really struck me as a colour that would only work if you’re on your way to a Halloween party dressed as an alien! Or, a shade that only the queen of crazy lipstick shades, Rihanna, could pull off.“


(Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Coven, $21, sephora.com.au)

“All I could think of when I was assigned this colour was Jessie J’s beauty look at the Brit Awards. Everyone thought I was the lucky one, but I was terrified about putting it on.”

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The rules? We had to wear our shade for an entire day and see what happened…

“Someone pointed out it made my teeth look yellow – and they were spot-on. If I ever wear it again I’ll have to use a whitening toothpaste in the lead-up. Sam did say it made my eyes look more blue, which is weird because they’re green.” – Beth

“I actually quite liked it on. It wasn’t as dark on the lips as I thought it would be. I think I lucked out with this one!” – Anna

“On my lips it actually looked more teal than grey – there was a definite green undertone that I didn’t mind to be honest, and the texture was quite moisturising on my lips.” – Astrid

“The colour translated onto my lips in the exact shade as the bullet – a dark, bold moody green, with flecks of glitter. It was quite creamy and sat on my lips well, which is a plus!” – Rosie

“I think I clouded my own judgement because while I didn’t like it when I first put it on, once someone told me I looked like a fairy – I was all for it! I also liked that even though it had quite a matte finish, it was comfortable to wear.” – Sam

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So would we do it again?

“No – unless it was for a fancy dress party. I’d be way too self-conscious to wear this anywhere else!” – Beth

“I’m not too sure if I would wear this one again. I did really like the colour on me but if I was to opt for a dark lippy, I don’t think this one would trump my favourite plums and reds!” – Anna

“Look, I wouldn’t say it’s a new regular in my beauty arsenal, but it’s not a straight up ‘no’.” – bh’s Astrid

“To be honest, this shade is a far-cry from my go-to pinky nude hue, but I wouldn’t say no to wearing it on Halloween!” – Rosie

“I think I’d have to adopt an alter ego to wear it on a regular basis, like how Beyoncé turns into Sasha Fierce on stage. But until I come up with a catchy name for her, I’ll probably only pop it on for a cheeky Instagram selfie – it was too fun to never wear it again!” – Sam

What’s the most daring lipstick shade you’ve ever worn? Did you like any of the ones we wore?

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