Cosmetics convert

Cosmetics convert

I’m a self-confessed shopaholic – there’s no point hiding or denying it.  

Working in retail for so many years, the obsession kind of came about without me even noticing it. I started using my staff discount card to stock up on things I didn’t need and spending my pay-check before I’d even got it.

But since getting into the beauty game, I’ve come to realise that, while clothes are fabulous, cosmetics are actually a gazllion times better (totally not exaggerating here).

Don’t believe me? Well, like any good writer, I have evidence to back such claims.

Here are my top five reasons why cosmetics are better than clothes:

1.    No matter how much weight you put on or lose, your make-up will still look the same.
2.    Most cosmetic products have a use-by date, forcing us to regularly throw them out. People keep clothes, like fluorescent leggings or rhinestone denim jackets, way longer than they should.
3.    Clothes can’t help you cover up those pesky pimples or blemishes.
4.    If you mess up your make-up, it’s nothing a Beautysnapz Eye Make Up Remover & Corrector can’t fix. If you mess up your clothes (think nice big splotch of Napolitana sauce on a white shirt), well…you’re left looking like a slob for the day.
5.    Trying out a new look with a bright pink lippy is less likely to break the bank than a bright pink strapless dress.

Have you got any other reasons why you think cosmetics are better than clothes?

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