WTF is clown contouring?!


We thought strobing was a creative new take on contouring, but now clown contouring’s arrived and it’s even wackier. 

Invented by make-up artist Belladelune, the new trend uses extreme highlighting, colour correcting and contouring techniques all over the face – with a clown-like result.

Check out the video below (and try not to be too freaked out by the carousel music):


We think the painted bright pink circles on her cheeks, orange triangles under her eyes and yellow moon on her forehead are pretty hilarious – but the pointless poo emoji takes the cake. 

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when she expertly blended it all to create this stunning look:

Bella says she’s trying to send the message that make-up is fun and a way to express yourself.

While this isn’t a make-up technique I’ll be trying any time soon, I love this slightly silly approach to make-up and beauty. 

Goodness knows what will come next! 

Are you a fan of contouring?  

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